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A Color Story focuses on fresh photo, on-trend editing styles, and colors that pop. Rather than forcing you into a single look, the app has—
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DeveloperA Color Story
Released onMay 12, 2016
UpdatedOct 27, 2023
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All Packs Unlocked
Official instagram App or same Instagram pkg name if you are using Insta mod required for this app


A Color Story is a photo editing app designed for users who crave fresh aesthetics, on-trend editing styles, and vibrant, eye-catching colors. Unlike other apps that limit you to a single, pre-defined look, A Color Story empowers you to explore a vast range of possibilities and discover your own unique editing style.

A Color Story

A Playground of Filters and Effects

At the heart of A Color Story lies an extensive library of editing tools designed to transform your photos into stunning visual narratives. This includes:

  • Over 400 meticulously crafted filters: Discover an expansive collection of filters, each meticulously designed to enhance your photos with unique moods, tones, and styles. From subtle enhancements to bold transformations, A Color Story’s filter library caters to every aesthetic preference.
  • Over 120 movable effects: Take your creativity a step further with a diverse collection of effects. Add light leaks for a dreamy, vintage feel, experiment with film grain for a touch of nostalgia, or introduce subtle bokeh for a captivating depth of field. With the ability to move and adjust these effects, you have complete control over the final look of your image.
  • Over 20 free essential editing tools: A Color Story doesn’t skimp on fundamental editing tools. Fine-tune your photos with precision using features like HSL and curves, allowing you to manipulate hue, saturation, luminance, and contrast for professional-grade results.

Beyond Pre-sets: Craft Your Signature Style

A Color Story goes beyond offering pre-made filters and effects. It empowers you to develop and preserve your own unique editing style with these innovative features:

  • Custom filter creation: Love the edits you’ve made on a particular photo? Save your unique combination of filters, effects, and adjustments as a custom filter. This allows you to instantly apply your signature style to future photos, ensuring consistency across your work.
  • Instagram grid planning: Elevate your Instagram feed with the app’s integrated grid planning feature. Preview how your edited photos will appear on your profile grid, allowing you to curate a visually cohesive and impactful feed that captivates your audience.

Unlock the Full Potential with ACS+ Membership

For users seeking unlimited creative freedom, A Color Story offers the ACS+ Membership, unlocking a premium suite of features:

  • Unrestricted access to all filters and effects: Break free from limitations and explore the entire library of filters and effects. Experiment with every style, unlock new creative possibilities, and discover your ultimate editing potential.
  • Exclusive access to the Color+ tool: Take your color grading to the next level with the exclusive Color+ tool. This powerful feature provides granular control over individual color channels, allowing for precise color correction and creative color grading previously unattainable within the app.
  • Unlimited accounts for grid planning: Manage and plan content for multiple Instagram accounts seamlessly. Whether you’re a social media manager or simply manage personal and professional profiles, this feature streamlines your workflow and ensures a cohesive aesthetic across all your accounts.

A Color Story is more than just a photo editing app; it’s a creative haven for photographers, influencers, and anyone who wants their photos to stand out. With its vast library of tools, customizable options, and focus on vibrant aesthetics, it provides everything you need to tell your story through captivating visuals.

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