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Art of Rally is an innovative racing game that brings art into the mix, allowing players to experience cars from the 1960s once more.
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Released onMar 25, 2024
UpdatedApr 22, 2024
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Art of Rally is an innovative racing game that brings art into the mix, allowing players to experience cars from the 1960s once more. These vintage cars, not originally designed for racing, create a unique blend of nostalgia and excitement. The game’s graphics evoke a retro feel while offering a level of smoothness unmatched by other games in its genre.

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With advanced design technology, Art of Rally strives to deliver a realistic physics experience. Every action during a race follows complex laws, ensuring millisecond accuracy. This precision makes 30FPS the ideal framerate for a seamless driving experience. The integrated controller offers a challenging and nuanced driving simulation.

  • Realistic physics: Accurate and demanding driving physics provide an authentic rally simulation.
  • Rewarding difficulty: Mastering the precise controls is challenging but highly rewarding.
  • Smooth framerate: Consistent 30FPS ensures stable gameplay in handheld or docked mode.


The game’s vibrant graphics and bright colors create an engaging and captivating racing environment. Paying attention to the surroundings reveals a wealth of artistic detail. The immersive experience feels like racing through a Van Gogh painting, complete with sunbeams filtering through trees and wind rustling leaves. Sometimes, the breathtaking scenery takes center stage over the racing itself.

  • Vibrant art style: A bright, colorful art style gives the game a unique and captivating look.
  • Abstract environments: Abstract environments are visually stunning and engaging.
  • Dynamic lighting: Dynamic lighting effects, such as sunbeams through trees, add depth and flair.


Art of Rally’s captivating soundtrack is the secret ingredient that keeps players enthralled. The music motivates and empowers, making every race a thrilling competition. The adrenaline-pumping tracks enhance the gaming experience and serve as a reward for victories. The music truly elevates the game to an artistic level.

  • Extensive music library: A vast selection of rally-inspired music tracks.
  • Unlockable songs: Unlocking new cassette tapes in free roam mode reveals additional tracks.
  • Complementary tunes: Music perfectly complements the gameplay and amplifies the excitement.

What's new

In this update we added the ability to remap touch controls. This can be found under options, controls, then touch controls.



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