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Trident 3 for KWGT

Trident 3 for KWGT v2.0 [Paid] Apk [Latest]

Download APK Trident 3 for KWGT For use this widget pack you need to install KWGT PRO app. Trident 3 contains : – 36 widgets (more will be added in… Read more »

PushOn - Icon Pack

PushOn – Icon Pack v13.9 [Patched] Apk [Latest]

PushOn – Icon Pack PushOn is a full theme / icon pack for various Launchers. The icons itself are transparent and the impressed effects of the icons should appear on… Read more »

Material Notification Shade

Material Notification Shade v10.64 [Pro] Cracked APK [Latest]

Material Notification Shade ◉ Technical details Replacement for your stock notification panel (supports Android 5.0 – 7.1.1). Not a replacement for the status bar. The app uses gesture detection to… Read more »

Shortcutter Quick Settings

Shortcutter Quick Settings​ & Sidebar v4.6.0 [Premium] Cracked APK [Latest]

  Shortcutter Quick Settings​ Designed and developed to make your life easier, taking advantage of the excellent TileService API in android N. Feature packed & an ideal replacement for many standalone… Read more »

S.Graph : Calendar clock widget

S.Graph : Calendar clock widget v5.4 [Pro] Apk [Latest]

S.Graph : Calendar clock widget Sectograph (S.Graph) – A time planner that visually displays a list of cases, events and tasks for the day in the form of a twelve-hour… Read more »

CM Launcher 3D-Theme,Wallpaper v3.29.2 (Unlocked) APK !

CM Launcher 3D Pro 5.0 v5.18.0 Cracked APK [Latest]

CM Launcher 3D PRO Just 1MB, CM Launcher dramatically improves your device while being the most lightweight launcher in the world, even beating out APUS, GO Launcher, Nova Launcher and… Read more »

Neon Glow - Icon Pack

Neon Glow – Icon Pack v5.8.0 [Patched] APK [Latest]

Neon Glow – Icon Pack Neon. Glow. Amazing. Dark and glowing icon pack in original square shape. Stunning dark wallpapers! Darkness is here, come and join! FEATURES • 4.010+ HD… Read more »

Neon Glow C

Neon Glow C – Icon Pack v3.4.0 [Patched] APK [Latest]

Neon Glow C Dark, neon glow icon pack in rounded, circle shape. Amazing glowing colors! Fantastic dark wallpapers! Don’t be afraid, step on dark side! FEATURES • 3.800+ HD icons… Read more »

Dives – Icon Pack v9.1.0 [Patched] APK [latest]

Dives – Icon Pack Dives is circle material icon pack created based on material design guides. Very different, with nice palette of colors, spiced with shadows. Visual expression at maximum…. Read more »

Almug – Icon Pack v6.3.0 [Patched] APK [Latest]

Almug – Icon Pack Vivid. Dark. Glow! Vivid icon pack, with amazing effects on dark inner glyphs and glow on icon borders. Quite appealing feel on your eyes. Ready to… Read more »

Alos – Icon Pack v16.3.0 [Patched] APK [Latest]

Alos – Icon Pack ★LIMITED TIME SALES★ Do not miss a chance to buy thousands of icons with regular weekly updates for very symbolic price! WELCOME TO ALOS. PURE AND… Read more »

Oxygen 8.0 Substratum Theme v41.9 [Patched] – PitchBlack APK [Latest]

Oxygen 8.0 Substratum Theme Introducing PitchBlack for substratum : Material design the way it should be. ATTENTION : This theme is not for SAMSUNG , LG, MOTOROLA , HUAWEI and… Read more »

BigBlu Substratum Theme v20.7 [Patched] APK [Latest]

BigBlu Substratum Theme Welcome to Big Blu, a Unique Custom Theme for the Substratum Theme System. Using Black or Transparent backgrounds and Blue accents, Big Blu will transform your device… Read more »

Tigad Pro Icon Pack v2.0.9 [Patched] APK [Latest]

Tigad Pro Icon Pack A uniquely designed icon pack in true 3D. Beautiful choice of color palette, You will simply love the artistry in each and every icon. Every icon… Read more »

Focus Substratum Theme

Focus || Substratum Theme v3.8 [Patched] Apk [Latest]

Focus Substratum Theme self-made icons , The theme will NOT work on marshmallow (Android 6)! I strongly advise you to only use this theme on OMS Roms. Use at your own risk on… Read more »