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CHORKI is the ultimate entertainment destination for Bangla language audience around the world. Huge Bangla and foreign content including Original Movies, Web Series, Short Fiction & Entertainment Shows are available on the Chorki video streaming platform.
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Released onJan 15, 2021
UpdatedMay 16, 2024
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If you want to enjoy original movies and web series, download Chorki Mod APK now! Enjoy the best original movies, shows, and more features now.


Download Chorki Mod APK – Stream Original Movies

There are now tons of movies and shows to enjoy every day. Many streaming apps are available, including Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime. With these apps, you can enjoy unlimited streaming whenever you want.

But if you’re looking for an app to stream local movies and shows in India, Chorki is for you. This is an app that shows content from Bangladesh and India.

This streaming app is like any other, except it includes Indian and Bangladeshi movies and shows. Here you can enjoy excellent and original movies and shows. Feel free to browse the rich content that the app currently offers.

Besides local shows such as international films and shows, there is plenty to do here. You can also download movies to watch offline at any time.

Stream Local Movies

If you love movies and shows, there are plenty of opportunities. You can watch tons of videos on TVs and streaming apps like Hulu, Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Apple+, and Disney+. Enjoy unlimited streaming with these streaming apps available today.

There are so many great things to enjoy with streaming apps, but if you’re looking for a local app for your Indian audience, download Chorki today. This is an app dedicated to today’s Indian and Bangladeshi audiences.

If you are a movie fanatic, this app will satisfy all your cravings today. Enjoy original Indian and Bangladeshi movies and shows. Categories include Rom-Com, Horror, Comedy, Romance, Action, Animation, Thriller, Sci-Fi, and many more.

Enjoy dozens of movies and shows from talented actors and directors. You can also enjoy foreign language dubbed videos, so you can enjoy it in your native language.

Chorki also lets you download videos to watch offline. Enjoy classic and modern movies and shows at your fingertips and watch them now.

Chorki Highlights

If you want to enjoy many original movies and shows now, download Chorki now and enjoy.

ENJOY LOCAL MOVIES AND SHOWS – The world is full of movies and shows for everyone. If you are a movie lover, now you have so many choices. Even more impressive is the ability to watch TV from the comfort of your own home via your TV or smartphone.

With so many streaming apps available today, you can watch anytime. Download Chorki now and enjoy Indian and Bangladeshi movies and shows today!

This app offers unlimited streaming at affordable prices. Here you can enjoy the best movies and shows of the day and Indian originals today. This app offers thousands of videos that you can stream endlessly today.

You can even download movies and shows to watch offline without paying extra. Here you can enjoy the highest quality videos with the best content. Enjoy now with lots of shows!

Streaming in High Quality With Chorki, you can enjoy a huge number of movies and shows. You can enjoy many original movies and shows here, so stream endlessly today. There are classic and modern movies such as Mori Chika, Youtumor, and more.

A must-see for those who like foreign movies and shows. Overall, this app lets you watch as much as you want in today’s highest quality. Here you can enjoy movies and shows in the local language, so you don’t need subtitles.

However, this app also supports subtitles. Enjoy a wide range of choices with Chorki.

Watch Offline – Chorki is an app to download videos offline. Here you can watch movies and shows offline for free.

Download Chorki Mod APK – Premium Unlocked

Do you love Indian movies and shows? Download Chorki now and enjoy unlimited streaming.

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