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Faronics Deep Freeze Standard
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Faronics Deep Freeze Standard

Faronics Deep Freeze Standard Serial Key When you want to preserve a computer’s desired configuration, Faronics Deep Freeze is the answer. Don’t waste time waiting for Imaging solutions to restore your computers—all you’ll need is a simple reboot! Whether you need to protect thousands of workstations across your enterprise or just that one PC at home, Deep Freeze is right for the job. Are you running Windows and Mac computers? No problem, we’ve got both covered. And Deep Freeze is also ready to protect your servers giving you 100% availability. Faronics Deep Freeze Standard License Key

What’s New ?


  • 9043   Resolved an issue where updating clients through the Custom Console removed license information. (Case No: YNN-670-71193/BIR-212-51470) Faronics Deep Freeze Standard License Key
  • 14271 Resolved an issue where Deep Freeze could not be installed on computers with empty Windows Updates and a dialog with an error message “wcscpy_s – abnormal program termination” appears. (Case No: VER-497-56960/ QIP-133-21304/ ZCN-397-27504) Faronics Deep Freeze Standard Serial Key
  • 14464  Resolved an issue where Nessus Vulnerability Scanner flagged Deep Freeze as vulnerable. Deep Freeze is not vulnerable, it only flagged it as such. (Case No: HLF-929-94745/ SYT-301-98288)
  • 14892  Secured One-Time Password functionality from potential vulnerability. (Case No: UDB-639-24568) Faronics Deep Freeze Standard License Key
  • 15003  Resolved an issue where the workstation did not shutdown after no updates were found in Windows Update task. (Case No: YQN-567-57232/ BGS-437-27053/ FQI-341-69666)

Known Issues

  • 15270  Using CTRL-Alt+Del to lock the screen causes a delete prompt appearing in the Deep Freeze Console depending on the context (Case No: JTK-884-47760)
  • 14977 Deep Freeze and Windows 10 Freezing on App & Features screen. Occurs when Windows Updates are cached or other mounted folders exist. (Case No: CJZ-576-49466)
  • 14961 Incorrect German translations in some of the confirmation dialogs when saving configuration file in Configuration Administrator (Case No: HSU-493-66609)
  • 11696 Importing Active Directory entries fail in certain Active Directory setup. (Case No: JFY-161-75996)
  • 12836  An error occurs during an RDP session on rearranging columns or changing views. (Case No: NES-367-79748, XQL-319-44460, YAE-971-22805)
  • 13556 Deep Freeze Console does not display any mapped drives. (Case No: WPB-556-99678) Faronics Deep Freeze Standard License Key
  • 13842 Issues with installing Deep Freeze on systems with eMMC drives. (Case No: WKO-921-76972, PCL-402-38865, WKO-921-76972, WBU-981-32808, HCK-877-61202, WZO-787-28402)
  • 14039  Deep Freeze causes BSOD on systems with 4TB drives or higher. (Case No: YAF-375-97861)
  • 12344  Deep Freeze Console does not sort IP Address column correctly. (Case No: TRV-310-98644)
  • 12491  Deep Freeze Console columns may show wrong status or the console may show error messages when connected remotely through LogMeIn. Restart console for workaround. (Case No: ZME-498-42392)
  • 12532  Enterprise Console does not retain its window position on the screen after it is closed. (Case No: PNF-778-57438)
  • 11387 BSOD occurs on reboot on Windows 8/8.1 computers with single or multiple NTFS Storage Spaces.
  • 11422 MGV-816-11111 Deep Freeze Enterprise cannot download Anti-Virus clients in Deep Freeze Console, when using proxy.
  • 11460 Higher version of Deep Freeze Console may not remotely connect to older Server Service. (Case No: ZIG-771-78174)
  • 11483 Wrong error message when attempting installing Seed on a Seeded workstation. (Case No: HZE-688-20303)
  • 11895 Problems installing Deep Freeze on Amazon EC2 Virtual Machine. (Case No: OZQ-742-93976) Faronics Deep Freeze Standard Serial Key
  • 11921 Deep Freeze Network Service cannot be started if there is a file named ‘Program’ on the system drive (Case No: ZHX-958-78760).


  • Retain data across reboots by using the complementary Faronics Data Igloo, that allows you to redirect user profiles, folders, and registry keys to a Thawed drive.
  • Easy deployment is available with two deployment options. Faronics Deep Freeze can be deployed as part of your imaging solution or you can deploy it as a silent install natively.
  • Eliminate troubleshooting with a simple restart, ensuring 100% availability. Whether you’ve downloaded something corrupt, visited a poisoned site, or made some other type of accidental change, there’s no need to worry. With Deep Freeze installed, when things go awry, simply reboot the machine and it will be returned to its desired configuration.
  • Enhance your security with a solution that makes your computer immune to common problems like malware and accidental changes. In addition to securing your operating system, Deep Freeze also protects the master boot record from rootkit injections, making your security truly bulletproof.
  • Faronics Deep Freeze Standard License Key


Faronics Deep Freeze Full


System Requirements

  • Deep Freeze requires Windows XP (32 or 64 Bit), or Windows Vista (32 or 64 Bit), or Windows 7 (32 or 64 Bit), and 10% free hard drive space. The hardware requirements are the same as the recommended hardware requirements for the host operating system.

Download Link

Faronics Deep Freeze Standard Full Version Rar (20.5 MB)

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