FIFA NetTV v1.1 Watch Best Premium Sport Channels (WORLD CUP 2018) [Latest]



From the creators of Live NetTV! Experience The FIFA WorldCup 2018 LIVE on Your Android Device.

FIFA NetTV Android App provides FIFA Football World Cup 2018 Live Streaming, Schedules, Results, Teams, Groups, Points Tables. You can watch World Cup 2018 Live Streaming from channels countries including UK, USA, Spain, Italy, Portugal, Denmark and many more countries across the globe. The service is absolutely FREE.

Get instant updates of world cup matches.

Live Streaming
Watch FIFA world cup 2018 live stream anywhere anytime and never miss a game.

Matches Schedule
Get complete tournament matches schedule of FIFA World Cup 2018 and keep check of games before time.

Match Results
Even if you miss a game. You can still catch the World Cup 2018 match results later.

Unlimited FIFA World Cup 2018 live streaming, schedules, results, updates, teams free of cost.

Chromecast Support
Cast live channels to you TV using LocalCast, WebVideoCast and Bubble UPnP Players!

To save anyone commenting here saying “Not ad free” or “This has adverts” please see the bold lettering in the release ‘This app has banner advertisements’. :wink:

I suggest using an ad blocker to remove the ads in this and other non ‘ad free’ apps. Ad blockers work really well for removing both the banner ads and the occasional full page ones. I’m using Blokada (the non root ad blocker available here) on my Galaxy S7 and AdAway (you need a rooted device to use this and it’s also available here) on my HTC One M8. AdAway uses the hosts file method and not a virtual VPN (like Blokada) so can be used on devices alongside a true VPN but Blokada does just as good a job for this kind of ad blocking in my experience. It may be worth giving it a try because someone posted in one of my other releases that they had an ad blocker installed so hadn’t even realised that the app wasn’t the ad free version!

Although this app has ads they seem to be non-invasive, I’ve been using it without my ad blocker and I’ve only seen two banner ads on the ‘Points Table’ page as shown at the bottom of the third screenshot.


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FIFA NetTV v1.1 APK / Mirror

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