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Fit and Grow with FitOlympia Pro
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Released onJan 30, 2022
UpdatedJan 19, 2024
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FitOlympia Pro helps you improve your health by providing training features. The application offers suitable exercises based on your current weight and fitness level. A unique feature is the large number of exercises to choose from. Exercises for thin people, exercises for weight loss, etc. The application can also send you new workout notifications and join chat groups to train fitness experts.

FitOlympia Pro MOD APK

Provide simple exercises

We offer fun exercises to help you achieve a balanced and ideal figure. Users search for ideal exercises based on their exercise goals. Heavy exercises focus on burning fat for those who want to tone muscles and lose fat. Focus on eliminating excess energy and creating a craving for a toned body.

To exercise wisely, you must first set your training goals. Don’t practice the wrong moves. Poor posture makes you feel sluggish. Therefore, it is necessary to consult a specialist for proper exercises. With FitOlympia Pro, start with simple exercises and gradually increase the difficulty to feel the changes in your body.

Try new exercises

As you get used to the simple exercises and understand how to warm up before each workout, the application takes the difficulty to higher levels. These difficult exercises take a lot of time and your effort is excessive, so practicing requires effort and patience. increase. To see the effects of these exercises, you need to practice them over a long period of time.

Training time management

The app notifies and reminds you during exercise, and timer mode is also enabled. The application wants you to have a good workout and pauses so as not to lose muscle strength.The application calculates the amount of water you need to drink each day and informs you about it. A new drill will be announced in the afternoon and you can choose to change it or not. The application allows you to change the timer mode or set another mode according to your preferences.

Hear Expert Recommendations

You can talk to your friends and personal trainers by joining chat groups dedicated to different exercises. The purpose of this group is to facilitate the sharing of information, experiences and important life lessons. When practicing at home or elsewhere, there is no teacher, so it is easy to get hurt. Get advice and provide your current status in chat. Additionally, trainers provide nutrition plans and daily activities. You can create a menu by creating a list of healthy meals and the number of calories in each. In addition, the application provides precise workout instructions and time adjustments to help you achieve your ideal body. Just enter your height and weight at the end of each month and you will see how big the difference is between the months.

What's new

✻ Flexible Weight Recording: Now you can record your workout set-rep weight in both metric (kg) and imperial (lb) units, giving you the flexibility to use the units that suit you best.

✻ Bug Fixes and Performance Improvements.



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