HD STREAMZ is a great application that has been able to integrate channels from different countries around the world. People will enjoy more than 1000 channels and live show from this app.
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UpdatedJun 27, 2024
Requirements4.2 and up
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Mod Info

Ads removed
Junk removed
Location removed
Arm support(Lite Mod)
No forced update(NFU)
Analytics/Receivers disabled
Banner placeholders/popups removed
Package Name Changed To Lite(Lite Mod)
Luminati network startup screen removed
Optimized graphics/cleaned resources for faster load(Lite Mod)
Disabled all calls/activity running services from the Luminati network


App May Have ISP/Geo Block For Some Users
VPN May Be Needed For Some Users



HD STREAMZ is a great application that has been able to integrate channels from different countries around the world. People will enjoy more than 1000 channels and live shows from this app.

HD Streamz MOD APK


HD STREAMZ serves as an extensive library with a large number of channels from different countries and providers to provide users with a wide variety of high-quality content. Everything is limited to TV entertainment, but users can personalize everything to create an immersive user experience. Moreover, advanced features allow you to access different types of content and enjoy what you like anytime, anywhere.

Main Features

Intuitive interface with quick access to all content

The first advantage of HD STREAMZ is its easy-to-use interface and sophisticated layout, providing a new user experience for first-time users. It also includes many interesting customizations to personalize or change the overall layout and organize the categories or content available there. Many big changes can easily be made, depending on each user’s preferences, and can have a lot of impact on the personal user experience.

Wide collection of several channels

This application is also considered a huge collection with different channels or content that users can freely stream whatever they are interested in. Also, everything is neatly organized and well-categorized, and users can access specific content using various search tools and filters. You can wait for new content and movies.

Stream everything with absolute performance

HD STREAMZ uses streaming capabilities to deliver the best quality whether you are alone or with your family. The streaming service also offers extensive customization options for users to change their sentiment and easily switch to another episode if the current link doesn’t work. Many extensions have also been integrated into the system, opening up many amazing new possibilities to satisfy every taste and need.

Extensive support for external players

The advantage of the application is that the user can connect to an external player to provide a better experience when the application does not provide enough functionality. Of course, this broader support will improve the casting quality for large screens, and the app will provide more professional functions to interact with the system. It can also greatly improve the display of content.

Customize your private library with different categories

If a user frequently uses his HD STREAMZ to view certain apps or genres, he can personalize his library with relevant options. This includes creating multiple folders and neatly organizing content for navigating through the user’s favorite channels. Additionally, the system notifies everyone when there are changes or new updates to a user’s favorite series or shows.


  • An intuitive interface for quick interaction while navigating the app easily, and even packed with extraordinary customizations.
  • Extensive library with more than 10000 hours of content to watch with friends or organize everything neatly for comprehensive streaming performance.
  • An outstanding streaming service provides users with the best experience through innovative interaction and tuning for stable connection and more.
  • Personalize the private library to get new notifications on new episodes of your favorite series or TV channels, whether episodes or live streaming.
  • Broad support for external players to enhance streaming or watching performances, and even cast to other devices to watch with family on bigger screens.


HD STREAMZ is a versatile and superior collection with a capacity of over tens of thousands of hours of content that users can conveniently watch at any time. In addition, customization and personalization are creative and versatile, with extensive support for users to conveniently enjoy everything within the application.


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