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Fun and easy way to learn sight-reading and the names of musical notes. Notes move across the screen on the grand staff. Shoot the notes down by pressing the correct piano key.
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DeveloperMapsiTech Oy
Released onDec 18, 2014
UpdatedApr 29, 2024
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Note Teacher MOD APK helps users learn how to read musical notes and sight-read more effectively by turning the learning process into an interactive game.

Note Teacher

Learning sight-reading and identifying musical notes can be a challenging task for many music students. However, Note Teacher offers an innovative and engaging solution to this problem. This application is designed to make the process of learning sight-reading both fun and easy, using an interactive approach that helps users improve their musical skills efficiently.

Interactive Learning with Note Teacher

Note Teacher transforms the traditional method of learning musical notes into an exciting game-like experience. As notes move across the screen on the grand staff, users are prompted to shoot them down by pressing the correct piano key. This interactive method not only makes learning more enjoyable but also reinforces note recognition through active participation.

Customization for Personalized Learning

One of the standout features of Note Teacher is its customizable settings, which allow users to tailor their learning experience to their specific needs. Users can adjust the speed at which notes move across the screen, making the game suitable for both beginners and more advanced students. Additionally, the range of notes that are tested can be modified, enabling learners to focus on specific areas where they need more practice.

Practicing Different Key Signatures

Note Teacher also includes options for practicing different key signatures. Users can select various key signatures to work on sharps and flats, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of musical notation. This feature is particularly beneficial for students who want to improve their sight-reading skills across different musical contexts.

Tracking Progress and Targeting Weak Areas

To facilitate effective learning, Note Teacher tracks users’ response times and identifies notes that require more practice. The application is designed to make the weaker notes appear more frequently during practice sessions, helping users to strengthen their recognition of these notes over time. This targeted approach ensures that learners make steady progress and build a solid foundation in sight-reading.

Accessibility and Additional Features

Practicing with notes on the treble staff is available for free, making the application accessible to anyone who wants to improve their sight-reading skills. For those who wish to expand their practice to include the bass staff, an in-app purchase is required. This additional feature allows users to further develop their skills and gain a more comprehensive understanding of musical notation.


In summary, Note Teacher is an excellent tool for anyone looking to enhance their sight-reading abilities. Its interactive and customizable approach makes learning musical notes both fun and effective. With options to practice different key signatures and track progress, users can focus on their weak areas and steadily improve their skills. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced student, Note Teacher offers a valuable resource for mastering sight-reading and the names of musical notes.

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