Sesame Shortcuts Full v3.4.0 [Beta-1] Cracked APK

Sesame Shortcuts

Supercharge your Android with Sesame Shortcuts. Quick launch them from Nova Launcher!

Sesame Shortcuts Features 

• 100+ shortcuts added to your device
• Integrated into Nova Launcher App Search and app icon long press (requires Android 5.0 or >)
• Easy setup, just install Sesame and Nova Launcher
• Adds a Google Search option to Nova Launcher App Search
• Smart Search: matches first letters of words. Typing “S” “B” will bring “Spotify: The Beatles” to the top. Results are ranked by how often you’ve used them, next time just “S” will do.
• Full control via Settings. Turn ON/OFF at the app or individual shortcut level
• Make your own shortcuts
• Beta features: Lock Screen and Edge Launcher (these don’t require Nova Launcher)

List of Shortcuts
Preloaded shortcuts
• Contacts with one touch to call, text, or email
• WhatsApp conversations (not group ones though)
• Settings (19 useful ones)
• Google Shortcuts (My flights, etc.)
• Yelp (42 common searches)

Android 7.1 App Shortcuts
Backported all the way to 4.4 devices

Create your own shortcuts for
Netflix, Maps, Chrome, Chrome Beta, Waze, YouTube, Spotify, Yelp, Google, Google Play Music, Google Play Store

MOD Lite
Optimized graphics and cleaned resources for fast load < improved result (2.58 MB total size);
Encrypted all resources;
Analytics disabled;
All ads and services calls from activity removed;
Languages: En, Ru.


Sesame - Universal Search and Shortcuts

Download Links: FULL version Unlocked | Analytics disabled

Sesame Shortcuts (Nova Launcher) v3.4.0 [Beta-1] Cracked APK / Mirror / Mirror

Sesame Shortcuts (Nova Launcher) v3.3.0 Final Cracked APK / Mirror

Sesame Shortcuts (Nova Launcher) v3.3.0-beta1 Cracked APK / Mirror / Mirror

MOD Lite

Sesame Shortcuts (Nova Launcher) v3.0.2 Final [Mod Lite] APK / Mirror

8 thoughts on “Sesame Shortcuts Full v3.4.0 [Beta-1] Cracked APK

  1. Azrael

    Is not actually Sesame shortcuts.

    App has no icon or name, so it’s a bit difficult to remove once installed. This is spam. Do not download.

  2. EL Cameo

    Works just fine thanks guy! I don’t know what these other doodoo chasers are clicking but it has an icon and works great, thanks guy!

  3. Yours

    If you download app without icon or name, click the download button AGAIN to download the actually app.
    Then delete the first app with no icon or name without installing.
    In case you installed, you can find that blank app in Settings>Installed Apps


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