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From the creators of Shapical, Crystallic and Deleo, featured on Google Play in 90+ countries
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UpdatedJun 9, 2021
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Shapical X is the legendary sequel of the widely known 1M+ downloads Shapical geometric photo editor. Shapical X is an advanced yet easy-to-use photo editor that lets you add stunning graphics to photos and create brilliant and engaging artistic masterpieces.

Shapical X Combine Blend Adjust and Edit Photos 1

Why Shapical X?

As the main representative of a great series of geometric photo editors, Shapical X still allows to add shapes, text, figures, objects & lines to a photo, adjust colors and use masking tools with an eraser.

However, plenty of features have been added in this version, which turns Shapical X into a complete all-in-one photo editor. There is an opportunity not only to add lines and shapes but also to add graphic patterns, mix photos with photos, and add complex graphic dynamic objects, including gradients in the baugasm style, as well as pixelation effects, and smudge, glitch, noise, VHS. Now Shapical X allows using double exposure, blending, photo collages, and a large number of color correction settings, such as color curves, Contrast, Shadows,

Highlights, Exposure, Warmth, Brightness, Sharpen, Fade, and Layers opacity.
We have also integrated the Unsplash photo stock, which is free world’s leading source of beautiful photos, so you can easily use professional background photos to create stunning photo art collages, pictures, and wallpapers.

I’m dealing with multilayers on my PC/Mac Professional Photo Editor. What about Shapical X?
Okay, in the best traditions of full-fledged and professional photo editors, Shapical X allows you to work with layers (a lot of layers). And you can add an unlimited number of layers and have easy navigation between them.
Layers can be shapes or pictures, various graphic objects, and effects. Thus, it makes Shapical X an excellent blending tool for creating complex collages, while being completely easy to use, and… it allows you to create right after the first launch!
PS. And of course, apply a masking tool and eraser to make your collage look stunning!

What about lighting tools inside Shapical X?
Now there is a wide opportunity to work with the light, these are neon and glow, mirror effects, as well as reflections, blooms, glare, and highlights to make the photorealistic!

Okay, and what about text? Can I add a couple of words?
Oh boy, Shapical X is one of the most advanced tools for dealing with text. It allows you to type multiline text right on the photo! Moreover, there are 50+ fonts, and you can fill the text with effects, like a glitch, baugasm, noise, or gradient, or make it neon and let it shine!

How easy is it to use Shapical X?
Shapical X is an advanced yet easy-to-use photo editor that lets you add stunning graphics to photos and create brilliant and engaging artistic masterpieces.
It allows you to turn the ideas in your head into amazing artworks without the price tag of complicated software and having to spend time mastering to use it.

Let’s sum up!

Mix Photos
• Combine, blend, and superimpose photos, to create double exposures.
• Transform and displace objects and images using the Smudge/Glitch tool.
• Lighten, darken or colorize images using the Brush tool.
• Adjust opacity and change blending modes.
• Create complex photo collages!

Get Creative
• Work with Layers to keep track of everything you add to your project.
• Draw or type on your photo, add neon, glitch, or baugasm gradient effect to any object or text.
• Mirror textures and apply shape masks.
• Enhance your artworks with split color distortion, pixelization, glow, and many other amazing effects.
• Take advantage of powerful color adjustment tools such as Curves.

Use Object Fills
• Try all of the six types of carefully curated artistic effects: Color, Neon, Noise, Mirror, Glitch, and Gradient.
• Gradient X is a state-of-the-art tool with complex dynamic gradients.

Go Further
• Enjoy access to the rich collection of free beautiful high-resolution photos from Unsplash.
• Save in HD quality.

Abstract, but realistic photo art.
Unleash your creativity and start creating!

What's new

In this release we add the real possibility for users to share their photos within a community just inside the app.

You can share any artwork photo and then it goes right into the users' feed right like into TikTok or Instagram.

You can follow other people or get inspired from automatically generated feed for you.

What is more, the photo will be visible not only within users of Shapical X but within all the photoeditors: Shapical X, Movee, Filterly, Texta, Abstracta and Glitchy.



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