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The highly requested fourth game in the Space RPG series!
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Released onDec 20, 2021
UpdatedAug 31, 2023
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Mod Info

Your money will increase when you buy the last ship in the ship purchase section in the game. (if you constantly buy and sell ships, your money will decrease to minus (-) values, you need to be careful, the money that comes after a one-time purchase will be enough for all your in-game needs)


Space RPG 4 offers players a journey to explore space and become a wealthy merchant. You can find out how to buy the items you need and upgrade your spaceship to prepare for big battles.


Space RPG 4 is a game that allows players to freely explore space elements through spaceship journeys. You travel many places, trade many things, occupy colonies. At the same time, there will be battles that require careful preparation of weapons and technology in order to win.

Journey to explore the vast universe

Space RPG 4 lets players experience a vast universe where they travel to exciting locations and conduct business. Therefore, you will have a long way to go to find what you need and earn more credits. It’s definitely a great journey, but it’s just as dangerous when a lot of enemies are watching you all the time and ready to attack you at any moment. It is no exaggeration to say that they try to become stronger through various journeys.

The world of this game he consists of three main factions, and you can easily find specific information about each faction. At the same time, the mystery gradually becomes clear as you complete the game at certain levels. You also determine the course of your ship yourself when looking for a trader to set up your desired trade route. It will definitely be a long journey over time.

Make a lot of money through the stock exchange

Your first task in Space RPG 4 is to decide how to move and trade in space. Because doing so will get you what you need and credits. At the same time, the interesting thing about how this game works is the bargaining mechanism that tries to offer you a different price than the original in order to save you money. But it’s not an easy task.

You can find more locations in this game as there are several ships to loot and collect the required items. At the same time, a chain of stars may give you the opportunity to meet many important traders. From there, create a number of well-known routes that are easily swappable and suitable for your ship. After you become fully powerful and win the battle there, you can acquire the colony.

Space combat with the latest technology and weaponry

As mentioned above, the world of Space RPG 4 is diverse, and danger is by no means an uncommon factor. Therefore, equip your spaceship with different equipment and weapons that you can buy. The collected funds will be used for the development of spacecraft weapons. In particular, technology can help you fight more comfortably against attacking enemies.

You can also freely place various weapons wherever you want on your spaceship. Therefore, you can enjoy the battle. Don’t forget to check your ship’s stats to attack your enemies and win.

A vast universe appears before the player’s eyes with many interesting things such as:

  • It is a long journey with many different places that they can go to and exchange the things necessary to become rich.
  • You will be able to negotiate with other merchants, and if you are lucky, you will get a suitable price.
  • Various locations for you to explore and conquer as you become strong against the armies there.
  • Battles in space are a common occurrence, and you will need to be fully prepared with weapons and technology to fight them.
  • A plot system involving the three main factions in the space that you will spend time learning about.

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Bug fixes and Android target SDK upgrade



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