Tabou Stories: Love Episodes MOD APK (Unlimited Diamonds/Tickets)

Have you ever watched episodes of your favorite TV show and imagined yourself as the main character?
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Released onFeb 14, 2020
UpdatedMay 24, 2024
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Unlimited Diamonds/Tickets


Tabou Stories is an RPG that allows players to participate in a TV show and experience the position of the main character. All of the game’s unique content is based on true stories.

Tabou Stories MOD APK

Tabou Stories satisfies your desire to watch TV shows and imagine your role in the story. New content makes your life more fun in various situations. Players can choose what content appears in the menu. By creating a complete character, participating in activities, and making appropriate requests, you’ll get specific suggestions when searching for the content you need.

Dress nice and read the stories provided

Tabou Stories has developed a collection of styles to create many conditions for players to own such characters. A variety of outfits are grouped in the menu, which can be changed at any time. The update has significantly increased the number of skins. In addition, frequent and diverse style changes make your story fresher. While waiting for the story to begin, you can customize your character’s style to match your portrayal of the heroine. By changing your clothes and actions, your impression in the other person’s eyes will be perfect.

Hundreds of different stories offered by the game will help you discover unique content. You can now experience stories that were previously only seen on TV. As the main character, you can read all the main ideas in development. Certain situations in the story will help you gain more experience and make them easier to find and read. Read-aloud systems are intended to pre-capture content and test whether the content is truly interesting.

Content options and important installation instructions

Tabou Stories offers so much content and genres that players have more choices. For romantic love stories, players can choose from a table featuring many other characters. You are subject to the meeting. More dramatic content related to sad stories will help you gain more experience and get more emotion. Additionally, it is also very important to perform custom procedures in your settings. If you take into account all the metrics like picture quality, speaker volume, and many other motion-related factors, you get the perfect room. There are plenty of other options to help players bring new stories to life after the previous content is over.

Grow your relationship and create a happy ending

All activities at Tabou Stories evolve according to your desires. Starting with encounters, hundreds of players develop various relationships. You can be a lover, a lover, or an enemy. All elements help shape your character and make things your way. The ending of every story is always what matters most to you. Don’t worry, whatever happens during the experience will affect the ending. Players complete ancient stories and forge new relationships with unique content.

Build your life and relationships

Taboo Stories revolves around the basics of life, such as building a good image, building relationships, and having a happy ending. What happens in the daily story leaves you with different emotions. Your connection is always under system control. You can choose anyone or use random. I hope your life turns out the way you want it.


  • When participating in the game, your task is to build an image and complete the requirements set by the system. Different options will give you the opportunity.
  • Take the first steps to start life, like perfecting your image with different styles. Your gestures and actions will determine the outcome later.
  • Participating in meetings organized by the system, you can freely choose the audience by making a request about your ideal type or searching for the stories you want.
  • A lot of stories with diverse content will help you find satisfactory content and experience. We have strict requirements to filter the content and then send it to you.
  • End stories in many forms; master your life in any story. The ending content may change depending on your actions.

What's new

Hi, Players!

New update is here. We’re very excited about the improvements we made to the game, hope you’ll be, too!
Needless to say, some bugs were squashed so you could have a better gaming experience.
As every week, we have new chapters coming out so time to start reading your favorite stories!
Install and enjoy yourself!


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