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DeveloperTrue Axis
Released onJul 19, 2013
UpdatedFeb 21, 2024
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If you’re a fan of skateboarding, then you’re going to love True Skate. It’s a thrilling skateboarding game that offers a unique online experience, suitable for all ages. This game allows players to perform basic to advanced moves and progresses to becoming professional skateboarders. With skateboards that possess an extraordinary power, you’ll be ready to conquer all your opponents and become the king of the slides. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the strengths of this game and how you can experience them.

True Skate MOD APK

Controlling Your Skateboard

In an electronic sport like skateboarding, control is essential in mastering the game. True Skate provides easy-to-follow touch controls. As a player, you swipe backward to move the board forward, swipe up to jump, tap twice for a double-action, and pull down to push the board. All these actions are performed with gestures on the touch screen of your device. The game also provides realistic touch-based physics to give you a real skateboarding experience and help you become a pro player.

Exploring Various Terrains

Every skateboarder dreams of conquering all kinds of terrain, such as stairs and railings. True Skate has provided most of the terrain for you to challenge yourself and exceed your limits. Players can start with flat terrain and gradually progress to more challenging ones to practice all skills comprehensively. A skate park with bars, stairs, grinding rails, plus half-pipes awaits your arrival. You can explore different terrains, push your skills to the limit, and experience a truly unique skateboarding experience.

Unlocking Smart Skateboard Equipment and Features

When participating in the True Skate game, you will be equipped with uniforms and protective gear. A new collection of skateboards with different designs and artistic decorations has also been created, giving you the freedom to choose your challenger companion. Skateboards with modern designs and artistic decorations are every player’s dream. To unlock new features of the skateboard, you need to win and complete missions to earn rewards.

Realistic 3D Graphics and Smooth Gameplay

True Skate offers a new setting with realistic movement, 3D graphics, and high sharpness. The game’s graphics create a strong impression on players, making them feel like they’re skating. In addition, the game also provides a gift of 99M to enable players to enjoy all the roads comfortably. True Skate also boasts smooth gameplay, making it easy to control your skateboard and perform different tricks and moves.

Skateboarding for Fun and Relaxation

Skateboarding is a fun and exciting sport that can help you unwind after a long and tiring day. True Skate has brought the best features to create an unforgettable experience. The game’s diverse gameplay puts players on different tracks and levels, making it easy for them to enjoy the game for hours. The modern touch controls help control the skateboard smoothly and realistically. You can join your friends and family in this game to become a pro in the world of skateboarding.

In conclusion, True Skate is the ultimate skateboarding game suitable for all ages. The game provides easy-to-follow touch controls, a variety of terrains, smart skateboard equipment and features, realistic 3D graphics, and smooth gameplay. It’s a fun and exciting game that can help you relax after a long day. With True Skate, you can challenge yourself and become a pro skateboarder in no time.

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