Voice PRO – HQ Audio Editor APK (Paid/Full Version)

The most complete and best audio editing application in your pocket
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DeveloperLakeba Corporation Apps
Released onJun 11, 2012
UpdatedMay 14, 2022
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Voice PRO – HQ Audio Editor is the most complete and best audio editing application in your pocket. By adopting this application you will soon realize your potential and multiple functions to play around your records like edit, cut, adjust, eliminate disturbances, noises and insert background. High-quality recording and editing applications with many interesting features.

Voice PRO HQ Audio Editor

In the realm of audio editing applications, Voice PRO stands out as a comprehensive solution that caters to all your recording and editing needs. With its plethora of features, this app not only enhances your audio editing capabilities but also revolutionizes the way you interact with your audio files. From basic editing to advanced manipulation, Voice PRO equips you with the tools to unleash your creative potential.

Feature-Rich Audio Editing Experience

Voice PRO is designed to accommodate a wide range of audio editing tasks. Whether you want to edit, cut, adjust, remove disturbances, or insert background sounds, this app has got you covered. Its high-quality recording and editing functionalities are complemented by an array of interesting features that elevate your audio projects.

Versatile Functionality

The app supports adding audio effects, changing tempo and volume, and blending or mixing recordings of any format or quality. It encourages sharing your creations on social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Voice PRO Cloud. Additionally, it facilitates receiving Bluetooth files directly into your recording list, and uniquely, it can convert recordings into text in over 40 languages through an in-app purchase.

Core Features of Voice PRO

  • Diverse Recording Formats: Voice PRO enables recording in more than 100 formats, ensuring compatibility and flexibility.
  • Background Insertion: Effortlessly insert real-time backgrounds from your device or download new ones online without any charge.
  • Tagging and Playback Control: Insert tags for easy navigation and use the Earphone to control background effects during recording.
  • Multitasking: Record in the background while using your device for other tasks.
  • Advanced Editing Tools: Restore, complete, mix, or merge recordings in all formats. Manage your preferred files, share them, add notes, and tag for efficient file organization.
  • Format Conversion and Vocal Removal: Convert files into various formats (mp3, wav, FLAC, ogg) and use the vocal remover to edit your tracks.

In-app Plugins for Enhanced Functionality

  • Text Conversion: Exclusive to Voice PRO, this feature converts recordings of any length into text, acting as a modern Dictaphone.
  • Security: Encrypt and decrypt your recordings, securing them with a 128-character password.
  • Additional Editing: Combine recordings with other files or backgrounds and trim parts of recordings to save in new formats.

Additional Features for a Seamless Experience

Voice PRO doesn’t stop at recording and editing. It offers a home screen widget for quick access, adjustable mp3 bit rates up to 320kbps, sample rates up to 48000 HZ, and encoding in 8 and 16 bytes. The app supports both MONO and STEREO formats, includes an auto gain feature to minimize noise, and pauses recording for incoming calls. With an internal help function for each feature, customizable control settings, and support for backups to cloud services like Google Drive™ and Evernote, Voice PRO ensures your audio editing is as intuitive as it is powerful.


Voice PRO – HQ Audio Editor is more than just an app; it’s a powerful tool that puts professional-quality audio editing in your pocket. With its unparalleled range of features and user-friendly interface, Voice PRO is the ultimate choice for anyone looking to enhance their audio editing capabilities. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned pro, Voice PRO offers everything you need to create, edit, and share high-quality audio recordings effortlessly.



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