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ACR Phone Dialer & Spam Call Blocker is a phone app that can replace your default dialer. This is a brand-new app and we are constantly improving it.
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DeveloperNLL APPS
Released onOct 19, 2019
UpdatedJul 05, 2024
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The ACR Phone Mod APK is a mobile application that can serve as a substitute for your traditional dialer. This innovative phone software offers users a wide range of features and functionalities to enhance their calling experience. With ACR Phone Mod APK, users can enjoy advanced call recording options, customizable settings, and improved call management tools. By utilizing this modern phone app, users can streamline their communication process and enjoy a more efficient and user-friendly calling experience. This innovative application is continuously being enhanced and updated to provide users with the latest features and improvements.


You have the option to replace the current dialer on your mobile phone with the innovative ACR Phone. The creators of this application have dedicated an immense amount of time and effort to guarantee that users have an exceptional experience when utilizing it. With ACR Phone, you can enjoy complete privacy and advanced features without compromising your anonymity. The cutting-edge technology ensures that your personal information remains secure while providing you with the tools you need to communicate effectively. Let us further explore what distinguishes ACR Phone from other phone brands.


Ensuring the protection and privacy of user data is a fundamental concern for ACR Phone. The application seeks access to only those features that are necessary for it to function at its best.

For example, the application may prompt you to grant permission to access your contacts in order to enhance its features. However, it is important to note that you can still utilize the app’s basic functions even if you choose not to provide this access. This serves as a reminder that while granting certain permissions can enhance user experience, it is ultimately up to the individual to decide how much personal information they are comfortable sharing with the app. The application serves to protect confidential data such as call history and contacts from being transmitted outside of your device. You can be confident that your personal data will be kept safe and secure when you use ACR Phone.


The incorporation of dark themes enhances the contemporary aesthetic of ACR Phone’s interface. The software is currently in its nascent phase of development and may include flaws; nevertheless, users have the option to disable it if they are dissatisfied.

If you encounter any difficulties or problems with your phone calls, do not hesitate to reach out to the ACR Phone developers for assistance. They are available to provide support and address any issues you may be experiencing with your phone calls. Feel free to contact them for help and guidance in resolving any call-related issues you may encounter. In addition, you have the option to utilize the blacklist and spam-blocking feature on your ACR Phone to establish an offline blocklist. One has the option to incorporate phone numbers from their call logs and contacts or input them manually into the blacklist feature. Aside from utilizing Exact and Relaxed matching methods, the blacklist feature also enables users to establish specific blacklist rules for individual phone numbers. This feature has been successfully incorporated and is currently accessible for use.


The Call Announcer feature on the ACR Phone audibly announces the name and phone number of the person calling. The application will emit an audible alert when headphones or Bluetooth headsets are paired with the device.

In the realm of telecommunications, call notes offer a convenient way to create, edit, and organize reminders and additional notes during or following a phone conversation. This feature enables users to enhance their communication experience by keeping track of important details discussed on calls. By utilizing call notes, individuals can effectively manage their contacts and stay organized within their communications. This feature is valuable for keeping a record of the conversations that took place during a phone call, allowing users to easily refer back to them at a later time.


The ACR Phone provides an effortless way to generate backups for your crucial phone information. This feature allows users to easily safeguard their important data and ensure that it is secure and accessible at all times.

It simplifies the process of creating backups, giving users peace of mind knowing that their data is well-protected. The ability to transfer your contacts, call history, and blocked numbers from one device to another is a convenient feature that allows users to maintain a seamless transition between devices. By simply exporting and importing this information, users can ensure that they have all their important contacts and call records accessible on their new device.

This feature not only saves time and effort in manually inputting this information but also helps in preserving important data and ensuring continuity in communication. Whether upgrading to a new device or changing phones, the ability to export and import contacts, call history, and blocked numbers is a valuable tool for users to stay connected and organized. This particular functionality remains remarkably beneficial despite being only partially developed.

The ACR Phone provides a solution for users looking to restrict outgoing calls to numbers on their block list. With this feature, users can have peace of mind knowing that unwanted calls will be prevented from being made to specific numbers that have been blacklisted. This functionality offers added control over communication interactions and enhances overall privacy and security for users. All necessary features have been incorporated to enhance the functionality of this particular attribute.

What's new

Ability to create a Calendar event after each call.
Attended and Blind call transfer options for SIP calls.
Improvements to call history, including calling by swiping.
Ability to hide blocked calls from call history.

Call recordings will be silent on Android 10+. SIP Calls and Android 7/8/9 are not affected
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