Adidas Training: HIIT Workouts MOD APK (Premium Unlocked) 7.8

Adidas Training: HIIT Workouts MOD APK (Premium Unlocked)

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May 17, 2023
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adidas Training Mod APK will help you get fit. HIIT and bodyweight workouts work your whole body. No equipment is required! Top trainers, fitness routines, and challenges keep you motivated. Do your exercise.  adidas Training offers effective home workouts to help everyone get in shape without equipment. Many exercise styles are designed for different training purposes.

adidas Training MOD APK

adidas Training is a very useful application for those who want to get a toned and healthy body but don’t have much time to go to the gym. To save time, you can get a perfect body in just a few hours of personalized exercises. Additionally, you can practice with a professional trainer and record your practice.

adidas training includes HIIT workouts. Everyone benefits from the workout programs offered by Inspired by Professional Workouts. To help you build a healthy and strong body, this application offers comprehensive workouts of varying difficulty. You can even let the computer create a workout routine that’s tailored to your physical characteristics. Each exercise stat and body transformation stat will train and challenge you every day.

Exercise at home

To get a healthy, toned, and perfect body, the first option people often think about is going to the gym. help. Open the application and follow the available exercises without complicated tools or devices. Practice hard with the application for just a few hours and you will see noticeable results after a while.

If you don’t spend a lot of time in the gym but want to work with a qualified personal trainer all the time, Adidas Training has you covered.
HIIT workouts are a great option. We offer training programs for each muscle group, from easy to difficult. Performed and researched by leading experts, this collection of 180 exercises gives your body the workout of your dreams. Users can challenge themselves as well as their bodies by adjusting the speed and duration of exercise. The user’s interface displays each available training mode and plays detailed instructions from the trainer. The application will notify you when the deadline is approaching.

Set goals and log workouts

However, to be resolute in your practice, you need to set specific goals to keep you on schedule and motivated. Just choose how many times you train per week and the application will remind you every day. In addition, the application also has accurate measurement tools and automatically records your daily training process such as Kcal and training time. After each training session, you will know your skills so you can push yourself further.

Exercises are simulated on video

Also, a special feature that Adidas Training offers users is the ability to find exercises detailed by professional fitness trainers. To help users practice each movement more accurately, the application integrates HD videos that guide each exercise. You could say that this feature is like a miniature gym that you can always follow and follow.

Complete exercise collection

The application perfectly synthesizes different types of exercises that can be freely selected, specifically he is divided into three stages. If you’re just starting, it’s best to choose low-intensity exercises such as cardio or yoga, and if you’ve been practicing for a long time, try higher-intensity exercises such as Tabata or HIIT. You can get better results. These exercises will help you burn extra calories and get the fit body you want.


  • The application is designed to be able to give its users the best exercise in all conditions.
  • The ability to practice anywhere, especially at home, is always appreciated by users who are too busy for training time.
  • Advanced exercises are also available for those who want to get good results with equipment.
  • The application will simulate the exercise highly realistic way with the highest quality short videos.
  • Many different types of exercises with varying training purposes will be offered for users to choose from.


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