Adventures of Mana MOD APK (Patched/Full Game) 1.1.2

Adventures of Mana MOD APK (Patched/Full Game)

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Jul 11, 2022
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Adventures of Mana is a remake of a very well-received game in the past, but this is a better version of it. Dark forces hold the energy tree of the Holy Land, and many people come to fulfill their wishes to become the strongest. Unfortunately, on this journey, the heroes were taken over and forced to entertain the Dark Lord. Let’s get excited! Will our heroes be able to escape?

Adventures of Mana Mod

Overview of common playgrounds for Heroes

The Dark Lord is the one who commands and creates monsters and challenges them with increasing difficulty to welcome heroes at the door of liberation. A system developed by Adventures of Mana continuously takes the player through different arenas, granting unlimited movement rights and increasing the player’s excitement by requiring the destruction of all monsters to succeed.

Improve several skills needed to get through fights more easily, learning quick attacks, flexible movements, and precise dodging moves. Only then can the player survive to the end. The navigation aid buttons appear on the main screen and are not difficult to learn. The development that comes with the controller is intelligent and can automatically adjust your hand position to maintain control even if you accidentally go off course.

Complications of Guns and Magic

This extraordinary combination in Adventures of Mana is the most magical. Although not many, the six weapons we have developed are more effective and more versatile in combat aimed at dealing damage to your enemies. During combat, players switch weapons depending on the situation. They are always ready for action and can turn the game upside down in the most difficult situations.

Each hero has a different type of magic. In addition to the ability to heal wounds faster, there are also several spells that help restore HP lost in battle. Some moves can also knock down the opponent, which is also a type of damage that requires a weapon. The highest ability a person can possess is to use magic to deprive an opponent of their fighting ability and bind them for longer.

Difficulty in processing to light

In addition to the necessary background knowledge, Mana’s Adventure warns of unforeseen obstacles. Not only do enemies stop you and give you a hard time, but quests can also get stuck when you lose the key to open the next door, encounter traps, or face more complex challenges as you level up. We believe that these obstacles will not discourage players, as this is only the first challenge. A hard-working hero and a bag full of weapons and magic, this is the perfect luggage for you!

Welcome to the mysterious world of mana

Adventures of Mana is excited to expand this content of challenging combat, completing quests, and training her skills. We hope that this effort to build a hero system and battle room with unique graphics technology will be appreciated. Defeat your enemies and escape from the dark world. Adding your name to the event leaderboard is also a way to increase your anticipation. See you in the next game!

What's new

Small bugs have been fixed.



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