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Never before was the multimedia control in your car so comfortable. Meet the new car launcher AGAMA. All the most useful features and necessary information are just a click away. The simple clean design and easy control will not interfere with the flexibility of the settings. AGAMA varies depending on the interior of the car and your mood, but it always remains an elegant and reliable interface that connects the driver and the car. AGAMA Car Launcher - your freedom to control!
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UpdatedJul 24, 2023
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The AGAMA Car Launcher is intended for use in dashboard units and audio systems working on the Android operating system, as well as for Android phones and tablets for use in a car.

AGAMA Car Launcher MOD APK


With the increasing number of smartphone users, the demand for a user-friendly and customizable car launcher for Android devices has also risen. Car Launcher is an app designed specifically for this purpose and provides a comprehensive solution for those who want to have a convenient and optimized interface in their car.

Main Features

Customizable Interface

Car Launcher offers a highly customizable interface that can be personalized to match the user’s preferences. Users can choose from a variety of themes, adjust the color scheme, and customize the layout of the interface to match their style. The app’s interface is also highly intuitive and easy to use, providing quick access to the features and functions that you need.

Music and Media Playback

Car Launcher provides a comprehensive media player that supports a wide range of music and video formats. The app’s media player is optimized for car use and provides easy access to your music and media library. The media player also supports Bluetooth connectivity, allowing you to stream music and media from your phone to your car’s sound system.

Navigation and Maps

Car Launcher integrates with popular navigation apps, such as Google Maps, Waze, and Yandex Maps, providing users with a convenient way to navigate while on the road. The app’s navigation interface is optimized for car use and provides clear and easy-to-read maps and directions. The navigation feature is also highly customizable, allowing users to choose the navigation app that best suits their needs.

Caller ID and Phone Management

Car Launcher provides a comprehensive caller ID and phone management solution, allowing users to manage their calls and contacts while on the road. The app’s caller ID feature provides clear and easy-to-read caller information, and the phone management feature allows users to manage their contacts, call history, and messages from within the app.

Quick Launch

Car Launcher provides a quick launch feature, allowing users to access their favorite apps and functions with just a tap. The quick launch feature is customizable, allowing users to add the apps and functions that they use the most. This feature makes it easier to access the functions you need while on the road, without having to navigate through multiple menus.

Voice Commands

Car Launcher provides voice command functionality, allowing users to control the app and access its features and functions using voice commands. The voice commands are highly customizable, allowing users to choose the commands that best suit their needs. This feature makes it easier and safer to use the app while driving, as it eliminates the need to touch the screen.

Fuel Management

Car Launcher provides a fuel management feature, allowing users to track their fuel consumption and expenses. The app’s fuel management feature provides clear and easy-to-read information on fuel consumption, expenses, and distance traveled. This feature is highly useful for those who want to keep track of their fuel consumption and expenses for personal or business purposes.

Parking Management

Car Launcher provides a parking management feature, allowing users to track the location of their car and set reminders for parking. The app’s parking management feature provides clear and easy-to-read information on the location and status of your car, and the reminders feature helps to ensure that you never forget where you parked your car.

Notifications and Reminders

Car Launcher provides a comprehensive notification and reminder system, allowing users to manage their notifications and reminders while on the road. The app’s notification system is highly customizable, allowing users to choose which notifications they receive and how they are displayed. The reminder system allows users to set reminders for appointments, meetings, and other events, ensuring that they never forget an important task.

Safety Features

Car Launcher also provides a range of safety features to ensure that users can use their devices while driving without compromising their safety. The app’s interface is designed to minimize distractions and ensure that users can concentrate on the road while using their devices. The app also provides a do-not-disturb mode, which disables notifications and reminders while the car is in motion.


  • Concise and functional design that may be adapted to the body type of the vehicle.
  • Flexible design settings
  • 24 buttons that are fully programmable for a speedy application start
  • A speedometer widget that displays the precise speed based on GPS data.
  • A widget that plays music (supports the most famous apps for playing music)
  • Widget for a navigator that includes functionality for route guiding
  • A compass widget for those who enjoy traveling.
  • Exposition of information (Wi-Fi, GPS, mobile internet, Bluetooth, USB, battery)
  • Information on the local weather, with a memory that extends back 5 days
  • The screen’s brightness will adjust itself automatically.
  • Voice assistant


Car Launcher is a comprehensive and user-friendly car launcher app for Android devices that provides a range of features to make driving and using your device more convenient and safe. The app’s highly customizable interface, media playback, navigation, and fuel management features, along with its quick launch, voice commands, and safety features, make it a must-have for anyone who wants to optimize their car’s interface and experience. Download Car Launcher today and see for yourself why it’s a popular choice among Android users.

What's new

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