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Most of the times we need to convert different units and perform some scientific calculations such as to convert Length units we may need to convert inches to mm , convert inches to cm , convert inches to feet , convert cm to inches and to convert Weight units such as convert kg to lbs , convert lbs to kg or to convert Farenheit to Celcius etc
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DeveloperTechsial Android Extreme Tech Arena
Released onJun 8, 2021
UpdatedMay 5, 2024
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★ PRO/Premium features Unlocked
★ Cleaned up apk root
★ .source attributes of the corresponding java files removed
★ Cleaned up interface
All Debug code removed
★ Original package signature changed


All in One Unit Converter Pro is an Engineering Unit conversion calculator which supports both Metric and Imperial Units and consists of smart tools which are also very useful engineering tools.

Unit Converter All in One Unit Conversion Tool Mod 1

In today’s fast-paced world, navigating through various units of measurement and performing complex scientific calculations has become an integral part of our daily lives. Whether it’s converting inches to millimeters, pounds to kilograms, or Fahrenheit to Celsius, the myriad of conversion needs can often feel overwhelming. Enter the ‘All in One Universal Unit Converter – Calculator’ app, a versatile tool that seamlessly bridges the gap between metric and imperial systems, offers essential engineering tools, and simplifies intricate calculations.

A cornucopia of Conversion Capabilities

The true value of any conversion app lies in its breadth of offerings, and the ‘All in One Universal Unit Converter – Calculator’ excels in this regard. It serves as a comprehensive one-stop solution, from converting lengths and distances (e.g., kilometers to miles) to managing weight conversions (e.g., kilograms to pounds). For culinary enthusiasts, the app includes a dedicated cooking unit converter, while also catering to digital storage, temperature, and time conversions. This app eliminates the need to juggle between multiple resources, offering a versatile Swiss army knife for all your unit conversion needs.

Engineers’ Dream Come True

Designed with the needs of science enthusiasts and engineers in mind, this app extends beyond basic conversions. It provides advanced functionalities such as force, torque, and angle conversions, alongside density, viscosity, and surface tension calculations. Imagine having the ability to convert energy units from Joules to calories or power units from megawatts to kilowatts, all accessible from your smartphone. The app also simplifies electric current, resistance, conductance, and capacitance conversions, making complex calculations more manageable.

Demystifying Science with Ease

The app’s extensive range of conversions is so comprehensive that it would likely impress even Albert Einstein. It effortlessly handles conversions of sound units, frequency, and screen resolution, and includes features like electric charge conversion, potential, and resistivity. For those interested in electrical properties, the app also calculates resistance, conductance, and capacitance, essentially turning your device into a powerful educational tool.

A Toolbox for the Digital Age

Beyond conversions, the ‘All in One Universal Unit Converter – Calculator’ app is packed with useful tools that cater to modern needs. It includes a scientific calculator for complex computations, a stopwatch for timing experiments, and a memory usage tool to monitor your device’s health. The app also features a compass, speed meter, and Qibla direction finder, offering a plethora of functionalities that cater to a wide range of users.

Advanced Calculations at Your Fingertips

Diving deeper into computational capabilities, the app offers calculators for area, surface area, perimeter, and volume. It also supports more specialized calculations such as permutations, fractions, proportions, and date differences. Furthermore, it assists in calculating mileage, distance, and fuel efficiency, proving that there’s virtually no limit to what this app can do.


In the digital era, the ‘All in One Universal Unit Converter – Calculator’ app stands out as an indispensable tool, combining the functionalities of an entire scientific library and toolkit into a single, user-friendly package. It transcends the role of a simple app, emerging as a formidable intellectual resource capable of handling any unit conversion or calculation challenge. This app is the tech-age superhero you never knew you needed, encapsulating the essence of true versatility and efficiency.

What's new

- Implementation is done to show 'Recently Used' conversion on top of conversions menu.
- 'Decare' unit is added in Area conversions
- 'Kilometres/gallon (US)', 'Kilometres/gallon (UK)' and 'Gallons/100 kilometer' units are added in Fuel conversions
- 'Cubic Meter/Minute', 'Cubic Meter/Hour', 'Liter/Minute' and 'Liter/Hour' units are added in Flow conversions


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