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Best Data Eraser App - Easy Eraser Tool To Securely Wipe Data:
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Developercb innovations
Released onApr 3, 2018
UpdatedJun 5, 2024
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Android Eraser is free to download & completely ad-free erase app. Secure eraser app contains all secure data wipe algorithms & a variety of great functions. However, this erase app can only wipe data of 10mb per day in the free version (premium in-app purchase to unlock all data shred features).

Android Eraser App Wipe Data

Data Eraser Tool – Essential Tool For Secure Data Removal:

In today’s digital world, professional & personal data has become an integral part of our lives. We store everything from all our personal information to photos & messages on our devices, making it essential to ensure that these data are secure when we wipe data to dispose of our devices. To ensure this, the data eraser app has emerged as an easy to use & secure eraser tool that helps individuals erase & wipe data conveniently without any chance to recover it.

Features Of Secure Data Eraser App & Data Shredder:

  • Five certified data shredder algorithms!
  • Data removal performs securely to remove files & data shred with ease!
  • Easy access with file explorer integration to wipe data!
  • Simply erase data from all photos or specific ones through the file explorer!
  • Secure eraser app to free up internal & external storage of your device!
  • Easy eraser tool to wipe data from your external sd card!
  • Secure wipe out solution of all contacts, notes, clipboard & more!
  • Data eraser app fully compliant with the European privacy legislation (GDPR)!
  • Audit complete data shredder reports!
  • Secure erase app to empty all the folders!
  • Erase app is handmade with love in Germany by CB Innovations!

Secure Eraser App For Your Android Device:

The secure eraser app is an easy eraser tool for those who are looking for an easy and secure way to erase their data. User friendly interface, the erase app can be used by anyone easily. Data eraser app takes only a few steps to securely wipe data such as photos, files, folders etc. The erase app is a data wiper designed to help individuals erase & wipe data securely, leaving no trace of it behind. Secure eraser app using patented data shredding standards. Making it impossible to recover any deleted files.

Data Removal Tool – The Best Secure Way To Wipe Your Data:

When it comes to data removal, there are several data shred methods that individuals can use. However, not all data wipe methods are secure, and some leave traces of the data behind, making it easy to recover the data. This is where the data eraser app comes in. The CB Innovations android data eraser app is the best data removal tool designed to use secure erase methods that overwrite the deleted data multiple times, making it virtually impossible to recover. With this erase app, you can overwrite the unused disk space so that the data you have manually deleted before over the time cannot be recovered.

Data Shredder – A Reliable Method To Securely Shred Your Data:

Data shredder is a reliable method to securely shred your data. The data eraser app uses data shredder method, which is a secure way of data removal that overwrites the data multiple times. The secure eraser app uses advanced data shred algorithms to ensure that the data is overwritten multiple times and no one can recover it, even with advanced recovery tools. You can dispose of your android device without worrying about your data falling into the wrong hands.

CB Innovations Data Eraser App Comes With Highest Data Erasure Standards:

CB Innovations android data eraser app is made in Germany. The secure eraser app comes with secure erasing methods such as the NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) standard, the German BSI-2011- VS & German BSI TL-03423 as well as the Canadian CSEC ITSG-06!

Warning: Data can’t be recovered that you have wiped with CB Android Data Eraser App!

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