Aqua Map Marine – Boating GPS MOD APK (All Unlocked)

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DeveloperGEC srl
Released onMay 14, 2018
UpdatedFeb 13, 2024
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mod info

– All Charts & Features Unlocked
– Not all regions/areas have maps available so don’t report if no maps are available for you.


Aqua Map is an app to satisfy all your Fishing and Boating needs, developed with the help of expert boaters. Download the best up-to-date Nautical Charts to safely enjoy the new boating season. The Aqua Map Master transforms your device into a real Chartplotter.

Aqua Map


• Download the maps on the device for offline usage
• Plan and navigate your ROUTE with real-time information on the next waypoint
• Anchor alarm with advanced configuration
• Tides & Currents prediction and simulation
• Overlay the USACE surveys on top of your charts
• Share and load tracks, markers, and routes (KMZ and GPX)
• ActiveCaptain & Waterway Guide community integration
• Connect your NMEA devices through WiFi
• Powerful search with advanced settings
• Display AIS info from external devices with automatic collision detection
• Overlay the Satellite images on your map
• Measure distances on the map
• Query map objects at your fingertip


Aqua Map uses only official Nautical charts with depth contours, buoys, lights, etc. to enjoy the best boating experience. You can download the maps at home within your device and use them on the boat offline (no more Internet connection required). Our charts are derived in part from material obtained from NOAA, CHS, BA, BSH, IIM, CNIG, AHS, NLHO, Explorer, etc. Available areas: US, Canada, Bahamas, Caribbean, Bermuda, Brazil, Argentina, UK, Ireland, France Med, Spain, Portugal, Italy, France Med, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, Croatia, Estonia, Malta, Australia, New Zealand, Seychelles, Maldives, Emirates, South Africa.


Plan your trip, and insert and edit waypoints. Navigate your route and monitor distance, time (ETA), and direction toward your next waypoint or your final destination.


This function will check in real time your GPS position against your anchor position previously defined. An acoustic and visual alarm will run as soon as your GPS position is out of the preferred range.


You can calculate the prediction for more than 6800 stations in the US & Canada. You can also have a simulation of the T&C trend on the map.


You can share your favorite markers or send an email with your last daily track. Not only, but you can also load any KML, KMZ, or GPX (also zipped) found on the internet or received from your friends.


Join the community of more than 100.000 boaters who write reviews, update data and provide up-to-date hazard information.
Read and contribute reviews and ratings about marinas, shared local boating knowledge, anchorage, and hazards


Marinas, hazards, anchorages, bridges, free docks, and much more cover the entire US coastline.


With this subscription, you will access a set of advanced functions that will transform your device into a real Chartplotter (.. and more).
Connect your NMEA devices through the WiFi and use their data for all the App functions (eg Anchor Alarm), download and display the last USACE surveys, and display the AIS targets on the map with automatic collision detection.

What's new

• Improvements and bug fixing


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