ATSS2:TPS/FPS Gun Shooter Game MOD APK (Menu, God Mod, Unlimited Ammo)

Looking for an action-packed offline shooting game with campaign mode,multiplayer mode,zombie mode and animal mining companion stunning graphics? Look no further than ATSS 2 -best offline games 🔫the ultimate offline free for fire shooting game!
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DeveloperTechouse Games
Released onSep 21, 2022
UpdatedJan 18, 2024
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mod info

  • God Mod
  • Unlimited Ammo
  • No Recoil
  • One Hit Kill
  • Unlimited Energy


ATSS 2 is a free new fps action-packed story mode game for you. This offline action and cover fire game is an intense shootout game with an endless single-player catchy storyline with free time to keep you satisfied with more exciting missions in advanced robot battle shooting games.



Tactical Shooter Gun Shooting Offline Games Welcome to the world of unlimited sniper & FPS offline shooting missions. Assault rifle free in this commando shooting game. Players face challenges as they shoot in massive 3D combat environments filled with intense firefights. Take part in action-packed shooting campaigns and climb to the top of the commando leaderboards. The game features addictive first and third-person shooter survival gameplay that puts you in the middle of the action and lets you experience the brutality of the conflict. In the new Campaign game mode, you’ll embark on an exciting world adventure with awesome companions and uncover deadly secrets along the way.

Different game modes

Combining exciting firefights with state-of-the-art weapon systems creates a memorable shooting experience. Your main goal is to fend off the vicious zombie onslaught and save the world while becoming the best possible commando. This online first-person shooter allows players to explore sprawling war zones, wield a vast arsenal of weapons, and compete in a variety of addictive game modes. Action shooting is experienced thanks to the game’s hundreds of addictive missions with varying degrees of difficulty, from easy to challenging.

Before you can successfully destroy your enemies, you must first arm yourself with the most powerful combat weapons and the most specialized skills. Discover a haven and gather a formidable army to accompany you on this dangerous expedition to save the world.

Massive Combat Environment

ATSS 2 Player: Offline shooter games transport you to a huge battle zone that offers a realistic 3D combat environment. You will be in good company as you take part in this exciting shooting experience. Forget that as the battle progresses you will need to collect rare resources to unlock many exciting new levels. please don’t Take part in daily quests that involve fighting particularly nasty zombies. If you win, you can get a lot of useful loot.

If you want to be able to launch a quick attack that deals a lot of damage to your opponent, you’ll need to keep your cool and pay close attention to your surroundings. Additionally, the game has a very meaningful plot, with stories buried deep within this mysterious world. To obtain the most powerful weapons and armor, you must work towards completing each story arc of the game. In general, the game has great battle arenas and short but fun moments of entertainment that you can share with your friends as you travel around the world and try to conquer them.

Weapon system unique

Everyone who participates in the challenge will visit different battlefields, each offering exciting objectives. Players have access to a variety of firearms, including long guns, shotguns, and sniper rifles. Each weapon type has its sniper skill, so you need to make sure you’re using the right combat weapon for the job. To engage in battle, you must first build an impressive army structure.

Each character has its unique abilities and weapons, so you’ll need to choose carefully which characters you’ll fight to successfully coordinate your battles. Additionally, several pre-determined goals must be achieved for players to qualify for various bonuses. You can upgrade old battles with heroes and unlock new levels using bonuses earned through the game. Join the exciting shooting war with your friends and have fun.

Action Games Advanced Features

  • Mech Robot Boss Fight,
  • Intense, c ops storyline and insane Graphics
  • Addicting TPS, FPS gameplay
  • Offline Sniper Shooting Game Mode
  • Frontline Mode, Free For All Mode, ShootHouse Map Added,
  • Factory Map Added,
  • Guns Prices Decreased,
  • Modern Guns system.
  • Smooth Game Cruise Control System
  • Multiple Battlegrounds Thrilling mission

What's new

New Game Changes
New Update: Zombie Mode Added
Zombie Tutorial Added
1: Free Zombie Mode 🧟 : offline Game -->Realm of the Dead
2:Grab Free Exciting items in zombie (apocalypse) Mode
3:Unleash your Creativity and customize your Apocalypse character to the
Max for FREE
4:improved Seamless precision control Revolutionizing user Experience
5:Multiplayer Mode Fully Optimized
6:All previous Bugs are fixed



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