AVG Protection MOD APK (Premium Unlocked)

Protect your smartphone or tablet against viruses, ransomware, spyware, phishing attempts and other malware in real-time with AVG’s full featured Android protection.
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DeveloperAVG Mobile
Released onSep 22, 2014
UpdatedSep 25, 2023
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Premium features Unlocked except VPN because it’s server-sided


AVG Protection MOD APK – Protect your smartphone or tablet against viruses, ransomware, spyware, phishing attempts, and other malware in real-time with AVG’s full-featured Android protection.

AVG Protection Mod Apk

The AVG Protection application is a tool that helps safeguard your device from various online threats and malware. It provides essential security features, such as real-time scanning, malware detection, and data encryption, to keep your device safe and secure. Additionally, the app offers a user-friendly interface that makes it easy to customize settings and manage your device’s security settings. Overall, AVG Protection is a reliable and effective solution for protecting your device from cyber threats.

Enhance the security of your mobile device by shielding it from viruses, ransomware, spyware, phishing scams, and other harmful software with AVG’s comprehensive Android protection.

Scan applications and documents for harmful viruses, malware, and spyware.
Verify the speed of your Wi-Fi connection and conduct a scan to identify any potential security risks.
Remove unnecessary documents and free up additional storage capacity.
Shield your images from nosy individuals with the Photo Vault.

Features of the application include:

– Application functionalities
– Application characteristics
– Application options
– Application capabilities
– Application elements

Check for viruses, malware, and spyware on your system.
Examine websites for dangerous risks (including Android’s pre-installed browser and Chrome).
Wi-Fi Scanner is a tool that can be used to check the encryption level of a network, assess the strength of a password, and identify Captive Portals that may have a ‘sign-in’ requirement.
Enhance your online privacy with VPN protection.

“The efficiency and effectiveness of the system can be improved by implementing certain strategies and techniques.”

Enhancing the system’s performance can be achieved by incorporating specific approaches and methods.
Organize documents and declutter storage capacity.
The Wi-Fi network speed test evaluates the speed of the wireless network connection.

It emphasizes the importance of privacy and the need to safeguard sensitive data from unauthorized access or misuse. It highlights the significance of privacy laws and regulations in upholding individuals’ rights to privacy and controlling the collection and use of their personal information. The text also mentions the role of technology in enhancing privacy protections and minimizing privacy risks.
Secure your important apps by using a PIN, pattern, or fingerprint lock.
Conceal personal images within a secure Vault that can only be accessed with a password.
Enhance your understanding of the permissions needed by your installed applications with App Permissions.

The app’s insights provide valuable information and data about the app’s performance, user behavior, and usage trends.
Discover the duration of time you allocate to each application on your gadget.
Regain control of the balance between your phone usage and your daily life.
Discover the locations where your data is being utilized.
Uncover possible privacy concerns ✔ Find privacy risks that may exist ✔ Identify potential privacy threats

This application utilizes Accessibility permission to safeguard visually impaired individuals and other users from phishing attacks and harmful websites.

What's new

* Easier navigation – We moved it to the bottom of the interface for easier access with your thumb.
* New features – We’ve added Privacy Advisor and the ability to auto-clean your device and automatically scan your Wi-Fi for potential threats.


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