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UpdatedMay 22, 2024
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AyuGram4A is a fork of exteraGram with some patches from Telegraher. But it’s not just exteraGram with Telegraher’s commits, it’s a fully reworked version.

The main difference between AyuGram and Telegraher is that AyuGram saves your messages history, while Telegraher just caches them. It means that you can clean your cache and still have all saved messages.

Also, AyuGram has full ghost mode. It allows you to hide your online status from other users, even if you send them a message.

And, well, it’s not an Iranian Telegram fork with floating TV or something.

Telegraher’s patches:

  • Built with official keys
  • Screenshots in secret chats
  • No emulator detection
  • No ads

Reworked Telegraher’s patches:

  • Save chats where you were banned/kicked
  • Expire button for TTL photos/videos
  • …something else probably

Our features:

  • Full ghost mode (flexible)
  • Messages history (flexible)
  • Message filters (e.g. hide ads)
  • Customizable edited/deleted marks
  • Local Telegram Premium
  • Sync read states and message history with AyuSync
  • Up to stream Telegram version (snidely)

Note that we use Crashlytics. If you don’t want to send crash reports, you can disable it in exteraGram Preferences.

AyuGram4A does NOT include proprietary exteraGram features.

What's new

Update to exteraGram 10.6.1

• View only deleted messages (in three dots)
• Exceptions for filters
• Replies to messages from noforwards channels as quotes
• One-time voice/video messages can be listened to an infinite number of times
• Saving the time when the conversation partner has read a message, voice message
• Ability to change media saving folder for deleted messages
• Saving secret chat history if the conversation partner clicks "Clear history"
• Message with recommended channels is hidden by default

• Deleted dialogs that were in the archive will no longer fly to public chats
• Allowed selection of bots in filters
• The picture is no longer visible in the reply to a filtered message
• The button to burn a message from the conversation partner is now called "Burn" and has a flame icon.
• The button to read messages in ghost mode now works for secret chats as well.
• Notifications about sent pending messages no longer arrive in the postpone mode, except for reminders from favorites
• Gifs and stickers in pending are sent with the same delay as text messages
• Pluralization of lines in filters (0 filters, 1 filter, 24 filters, ...)

• Fixed copying to buffer of background error
• Fixed deleting dialogs
• Fixed saving multiple photos via context menu
• Fixed location of download buttons in the context menu on some messages
• Fixed saving a deleted message to yourself


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