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Battery Guru: Battery Health MOD APK (Ad-Free Unlocked)


BatteryGuru monitors and help you optimizing battery health & performance with tips to prolong battery life and increase its lifespan by 200%.
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March 22, 2023
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Battery Guru MOD APK monitors and helps you optimize battery health & performance with tips to prolong battery life and increase its lifespan by 200%. Designed to keep the battery in the best condition and bring it healthy life.

BatteryGuru Pro Apk'

Battery Guru Overview

Battery guru: Battery saver is a widely used application in all mobile phones. The main function of the application is to display battery usage information and measure the battery capacity of your mobile phone. In addition, the application can also estimate the number of charging times and notify the user to change the user’s bad habits regarding battery charging issues. By using this great application, your phone will have longer battery life and use longer.

Battery Guru Contains Four Sections

1. Battery health management

The main task of this application is to protect your health and extend your battery life. This application optimizes the user’s phone and automatically reminds the user of bad habits that are wasting battery life. Batteries have a limited lifespan, so each charge shortens the lifespan a little, or both charging and using shortens the lifespan, causing many unnecessary accidents. So owning this application will make you safer in use and make your phone’s battery healthier.

2. View all data information

Battery guru: Battery saver provides users with all the battery data of the mobile phone. This application is fully listed from battery percentage to application battery usage in the device to battery level. These numbers ensure that users understand the battery status and can make timely decisions to avoid damage to their phones.

3. Remind users of bad habits

People who use smartphones must have had this bad habit. B. Charging until the battery is depleted to recharge the battery while in use or use. These things are gradually becoming hard habits to break and have a huge impact on the lifespan of mobile phones. Therefore, reminders will automatically appear to warn users and eliminate bad habits for users.

4. Battery supply

Battery guru: Battery Saver can also power your battery. The themes suggested by the application help you save data. That means longer battery life.

BatteryGuru Pro MOD APK


  • Determine the actual capacity of the battery (measured in mAh), and support is provided for twin battery configurations.
  • Battery and charging controller tips need to be calibrated.
  • By paying attention to the charge and temperature warning notifications, you may make the battery last longer.
  • Utilization of applications in great detail
  • Observations on wake-locks made since the most recent disconnect
  • Know how much charge is left in your battery and how long it will take for it to be fully charged.
  • Know how much usage time is left on the battery so you can plan accordingly.
  • Estimates for the screen being on or off.
  • Check the ratio of time spent awake to time spent in deep sleep.
  • notice in detail and in real-time the current state of the battery
  • Power-conserving technology for advanced systems
  • Dual battery configuration support


Use Battery Guru MOD APK to find the fastest chargers and USB cables for your device. Check by measuring the charging current (mA). The app will display the maximum current reached during the charging process.

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