Bike Unchained 2 MOD APK (Max Speed Boost) 5.4.0

Bike Unchained 2 MOD APK (Max Speed Boost)

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Red Bull
Jul 28, 2022
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Mod Info

Increased maximum speed
To overclock, tap several times on the screen.


Bike Unchained 2 Mod APK is a 3D bike racing game where you can play up and down-mountain races with just one tap. 3D bike racing game using mountain bikes!

Bike Unchained 2 mod

“Bike Unchained 2” is a speed-sensitive game where you can enjoy downhill racing down a steep slope from a mountain. You can challenge a powerful hill climb on a course drawn with beautiful 3D graphics even in the background. The actual race is a tough sport with a lot of ups and downs, but there are no difficult elements because the in-game operation can be played with just a tap of a finger. It is a game where you can enjoy a heated race aiming for the goal without slowing down with the compatibility of the course and the bike and detailed controls.

Plenty of adjustability

The mountain bike (MTB) that appears in this work can be freely customized. You can combine the following four parts:
Frame, fork (the part that supports the front wheel), drive train (pedals, chain), and tires. It makes a big difference in how the bike looks. Let’s run down the mountain with a cool bike!

Red Bull Athlete Appears!

The game features professional racers from all over the world. Professional racers have special abilities such as start dash and air control (air position control). By collecting professional racer cards, you can unlock special ability skills that will give you an advantage in the race. The fun of making and racing the strongest original bike!

All mountain bike parts are from genuine manufacturers, making it an irresistible spec for MTB fans. Freely combine parts from famous American and German manufacturers to create your own strongest bike! Players can customize their male and female gender, as well as their four locations: mead, goggles, shirt, and shoes.

The effect of clothes has nothing to do with race, but if you dress well, you will be in high spirits. Collect fashion items and motorcycle parts!

Performance up by upgrading parts!

Various parts and items for your bike can be obtained from the treasure chests that can be obtained during the race. By collecting multiple parts, you can upgrade the parts you purchase and greatly improve the overall performance of your MTB. You can combine it with your favorite manufacturer, or maximize its performance and rarity.

Multiplayer racing and live events

Win races and climb the leagues to earn huge rewards and dominate the mountains. Each race pits three real competitors against each other for attention. You get prizes for crossing the finish line first and some really cool items. If you keep leveling up, you may become the best driver in the world. Every day and every week, special events give you even more chances to win amazing prizes and show off to the world.


  • When the game starts, the tutorial starts first.
  • Accelerate by tapping anywhere on the screen.
  • A beautiful racer wearing a red bull cap will explain.
  • It will carefully teach you how to run the race and customize the bike.
  • During the race, when the landing timing and acceleration are at their peak, they will be evaluated by the number of ☆.
  • There will be a considerable difference in speed when you tap or release your finger.
  • You can set up 4 pre-race ability skills.
  • Abilities will be released when you acquire a pro racer.
  • By the way, Red Bull can be equipped at any time, and the amount of reward will increase if you drink it.
  • The league match will be a point battle with four players.
  • Ultimately, the person with the highest points wins and gets a treasure chest as a reward!

What's new

- New season is starting! Play now to win huge rewards!
Thanks for playing. See you on the trails.


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