BLOKK: Stop Tracking Me MOD APK (Premium Unlocked)

BLOKK filters what your phone is sending back to apps and websites, blocking over 440,000 sites that are known to compromise your privacy or security, including trackers and scams.
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DeveloperRevoke Limited
Released onAug 3, 2022
UpdatedJun 7, 2024
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BLOKK MOD APK filters what your phone is sending back to apps and websites, blocking over 440,000 sites that are known to compromise your privacy or security, including trackers and scams.

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In an era where digital privacy is constantly under threat, BLOKK MOD APK emerges as a crucial tool for safeguarding personal data on your mobile device. Unlike ordinary applications, BLOKK offers a comprehensive solution to protect your privacy by filtering out unwanted trackers and potential scams from accessing your phone’s information. It achieves this impressive feat by blocking connections to over 440,000 known harmful sites, including those involved in tracking activities and scam operations.

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Key Features of BLOKK MOD APK

  • Block Trackers and Scam Websites: At the heart of BLOKK’s functionality is its ability to prevent trackers and scam websites from compromising your security. This ensures a safer browsing experience and keeps your data private.
  • App Tracking Protection: BLOKK extends its protective measures to apps on your phone, allowing you to see and block trackers actively trying to collect your data.
  • Instant Scam Website Warnings: Receive immediate alerts when you stumble upon a website known for scamming or other malicious activities, helping you avoid potential threats.
  • Flexible Control: Users can easily toggle BLOKK’s protection on or off or even pause it, offering control over when and how your data is protected.
  • Whitelist Apps: For apps you trust, BLOKK allows the option to disable blocking, letting all trackers through for those specific applications.
  • Detailed Insights: Discover exactly what information your phone might be leaking by viewing detailed reports on blocked trackers and scams.
  • Customizable Blocking: Gain the ability to manually block or unblock specific trackers, tailoring the app’s protection to your personal preferences.
  • Geographical Data Control: Through a global data map, users can see where their data is being sent and even block specific countries if desired.
  • BLOKK History: Access up to a month’s worth of data regarding which trackers were blocked and your overall phone activity.
  • Configurable Block Lists: Users can adjust their level of protection by turning specific block categories, such as trackers or scams, on or off.
  • Advanced Options: BLOKK offers advanced settings, including the capability to block IP addresses and filter out unusual characters, providing an extra layer of security.


BLOKK implements its protective measures through a unique method that does not rely on traditional VPN technology. Instead, it uses a VPN connection to create a secure filter for your internet traffic, specifically targeting trackers and scam sites. This method allows for a seamless integration of privacy protection directly on your phone, without the complexities often associated with VPNs.


Choosing BLOKK MOD APK means taking a proactive step towards securing your digital footprint on your mobile device. With its wide array of features designed to block unwanted trackers and scams, BLOKK offers a robust solution for anyone looking to enhance their online privacy. Its user-friendly interface and customizable settings make it accessible for users of all tech-savviness levels, ensuring that your personal information remains secure in the digital age.

In summary, BLOKK MOD APK stands out as an essential tool for mobile device users seeking to protect their privacy from the ever-present threats of trackers and scams. By offering detailed insights into your phone’s security, flexible control options, and advanced protective measures, BLOKK ensures that your personal data stays just that—personal. Whether you’re navigating the web or using your favorite apps, BLOKK MOD APK provides the peace of mind needed to enjoy the digital world securely and privately.

What's new

We've addressed several minor bugs to make the app's interface more responsive and also optimized the VPN for a smoother and more reliable experience.



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