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Blood Kiss, the mysterious interactive otome game with dating handsome vampires, is finally launched!
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Released onMar 29, 2021
UpdatedApr 15, 2024
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The interactive stories of Blood Kiss MOD APK and Unlimited Gems have vampire stories in hand-painted style. It has a wonderful story plot that is unfolded for you throughout the interactive plot novels. You will be continuing to push the plot to choose story choices and guide different NPCs and create different characters. The art style and stories are unique.

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Blood Kiss is an otome game in which players will transform into female characters who have relationships with vampires. She is going through a difficult situation and that is also the opportunity to meet these supernatural entities. Additionally, over time you will interact with different characters to develop relationships and find an ending that fits the consistency you like. Indeed, you will feel fascinated by what this game has to offer.


The first vampire character you meet is Dayn, an executive. In Blood Kiss, the player takes on the role of the female protagonist and she falls into a complicated situation. Specifically, she must bear the debt her father left behind and try her best to repay it. One day, an offer appeared to him and it was his chance to pay off his debt. But one thing she did not expect was that the people waiting for her during the interview were vampires.

The gameplay that this game offers is very simple and any user can continue. easily accessible when the work he mainly performs. Develop relationships with these characters. From there, each choice you make will have specific impacts on the development of this game. These can be considered the routes you choose when you have a character you like. Of course, the game will have many different storylines.


In Blood Kiss, players will see their character in adult form in the cut scene scene and in chibi form when changing outfits. . Each clan has a beauty that is sure to impress players. Besides the main gameplay, players can also find many different skins to choose from and of course, you will need a certain amount of resources to unlock these skins. You will be satisfied with it.


When the first dialogue in Blood Kiss occurs, players will discover 4 male vampire characters with different origins. Because it is an otome game, characters with different characteristics will have different characteristics and curiosities. This will create a unique character and many options because you will not know what will happen in the game, and in this game you will interact with four characters and one other female character.

These four people. The male characters are all quite handsome, including the female character named Dana, a vampire. Unlike these four characters, this girl hates humans and our main character is human. Therefore, this can be considered an issue that players will need to pay attention to. Furthermore, when interacting with the characters, you certainly will not be able to ignore the character’s psychological developments. This will give you a basis for approaching these characters.

You will read the information that the game provides slowly through the characters’ dialogue. From there, you will be guided to choose options to solve the problem and of course, you will need to think carefully about it. As an otome game, it is quite difficult for you to experience it once and receive all the results. During the experience, you will also have certain curiosities because the number of options is completely diverse.

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