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Released onSep 6, 2019
UpdatedFeb 10, 2024
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Brightmind Meditation is mental exercise and Brightmind is your personal trainer. Brightmind customizes meditations based on your goals and guides you through a powerful curriculum, so you really understand how meditation works.

Brightmind Meditation

Pick from:
– Stress Less
– Perform Your Best
– Communicate Better
– Aches & Pains
– Just Curious

Brightmind was designed by a team of world-class meditation teachers. And with 200+ meditations, Brightmind is a masterclass for stress, anxiety, productivity, or spiritual growth.

There are hundreds of different ways to meditate, and Brightmind will help you find which techniques work best for you. Just like breathing apps, this also includes breathing exercises that deliver calming effects to ease stress and anxiety.

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Brightmind includes different programs to cater to your varying needs. Here are some of the different packs available in the app:

Physical Senses – This includes meditation to reduce aches and pains. You may also find breathing exercises to feel and connect with your body.
Relaxation – This pack is designed to deliver stress relief.
Training Positivity – For those who wish to develop a more positive perspective in life, this pack offers a masterclass about positivity.
Thoughts & Emotions – Teaches you how to better deal with your thoughts and emotions.
Mindful Awareness – Practice mindfulness to achieve anxiety relief.
Life Practice – For spiritual awakening and growth.


You can choose the instructor’s voice (male or female) depending on your preference.
You can also customize the meditations depending on what works best for you. Whether you are looking for anxiety relief, stress relief, spiritual awakening or mindfulness practice, you’ll be supported as your practice deepens.


Each lesson features a 10 to 30 minute guided meditation, from a world-class meditation teacher. The instructions are easy to follow and build on your previous learning. You’ll be taught new techniques gradually as you progress.


Brightmind brings you a group of expert meditation instructors to assist and help you in your journey. This stress and anxiety relief app is built around Shinzen Young’s systematic approach to categorizing meditation. He is known for his interactive and algorithmic approach that helps students overcome challenges and take advantage of opportunities in their meditation practice.

What's new

One of the most common questions I get is "Why isn't meditation helping me?" My response usually starts with, "Well, are you keeping up with all four Elements of Practice (Official Practice, Integration Practice, Coaching, and Retreats)?", and the answer is often, "No". In this app update, we expanding the Progress tab to include tracking and badges for all four Elements of Practice to help you stay on track and get results. Enjoy!



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