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DeveloperJam City Inc.
Released onJan 9, 2014
UpdatedNov 2, 2023
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Mod Info

Unlimited Coins, Lives, Boosters, Moves

The number of gold coins to be modified in the game is unlimited; you can see it after the novice tutorial!


Bubble shooter: Panda pop! is a fun game in which players control a panda to complete a wholesome journey while experiencing the endless fascination of solving beautiful bubble shooter puzzles.

Panda Pop MOD APK

Bubble Shooter: Panda Pop! MOD APK

Panda Pop lets players immerse themselves in fun gameplay with a panda and solve many bubble shooter puzzles to achieve noble goals. The game also emphasizes the relaxing element as you have to complete a series of activities to save the trapped little adorable panda. More new content will be unlocked one by one as the player progresses, promising the most exhilarating experience of the bubble shooter genre and beyond.


  • Relaxing and beautiful gameplay where players pop the bubbles with simple mechanics to achieve wondrous results with the panda.
  • An endless expedition with over 3000 levels different in sizes, designs, and complexity to immerse players in tremendous fun or excitement.
  • Create the explosive bubbles with distinct matching methods to blast up wider areas or create resonance effects for absolute scores.
  • Various game modes with creative designs and rules diversify players’ enjoyment through different scenarios or specialized puzzles in every mode.
  • Build a lovely house for the small pandas to shelter more after saving them from the puzzles, even decorate the place with any manners.

Begin your expedition with over 3000 levels across the board

The player’s task in Panda Pop is simple and consists of starting his journey and completing over 3000 different levels in order for him to get closer to his noble goal. As you complete missions, you’ll have to build more or complete more objectives in order to evolve everything completely to your liking. The future will also open up many new possibilities, offering everyone the most exciting experiences and the feeling of completely bursting a bubble.

Simple mechanics with endless possibilities for leveling

The bubble shooter mechanic is the mainstay of the entire game, but all with engaging and creative designs that will inspire your skills to new heights. In the meantime, they must match and pop match-3 bobbles but must know how to use many environmental factors to get the perfect shot. At the higher level levels, there are complex bubble designs and it is entirely up to the player’s ability to deal with the situations to overcome.

Adjust further to create beautiful effects with wide explosions

Players can fuse bubbles repeatedly to create massive effects that explode over a wide area to reach their goals faster. Panda Pop uses these elements directly on most levels while sparking everyone’s creativity and prioritizing the necessary goals. Luckily, humans can combine effects to create resonance and affect a wider area to complete every level.

Great visuals with amazing pandas

The player’s companion, the panda, has a lovely and friendly expression and completes all challenges with top performance. Not only that, but you can also use panda props to pass levels and escape the most complicated moments. In addition, Panda regularly introduces new content to players to keep them entertained while looking for entertainment, rescuing little pandas, and building a lovely community.

Different game modes to enjoy and explore the story

All of Panda Pop’s additional game modes are perfect and have the potential to diversify people’s experience in the bubble shooter genre. Each game mode has different rules, and may even change the player’s goals when completing a level rather than prioritizing individual scores. And to get good results in overcoming the most painful challenges, you have to perform great operations.

Build a beautiful house for your baby panda

The best part of the gameplay is that after rescuing the baby panda, the player can build the most beautiful nest for the baby panda. It scales automatically and introduces additional additions to your house building. Players can design their homes in any style, as long as each baby has plenty of entertainment and absolute security.


Panda Pop is one of the most relaxing and beautiful games with panda content or the most complex challenges. On the other hand, the various game modes and levels of gameplay are innovative, with constantly changing content that promises to bring maximum exhilaration to everyone. In addition, the baby panda that the player saves will live with everyone through the beautiful roof made with everyone’s love.

What's new


• New unique Panda Pals and Costumes to collect!

• All new Panda World Lands to explore!

• Continue popping with all new levels!



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