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DeveloperSir Studios
Released onFeb 3, 2022
UpdatedMay 16, 2024
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Unlimited Money (Enter the game for the 2nd time to get more money)


Bus Simulator PRO brings players to an exciting world of buses designed with unique graphics. The diverse customs will make them more attractive through each stage.

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Maximizing the Satisfying Experience

The world-built in Bus Simulator PRO boasts an extraordinary level of accuracy compared to the real world. Unlike games in the same genre, this simulation allows players to freely navigate, not being confined to a single city. Furthermore, the buses can be customized to suit personal preferences, adding a unique touch to the driving experience.

The game’s appeal lies in the satisfaction of piloting a massive mode of transportation, a task that can be challenging in reality. Bus Simulator PRO offers players the opportunity to enjoy the authentic feel of being a bus driver without the extensive effort required in the real world. With the game, players can simply start and take control of a bus.

The game’s developers have meticulously incorporated fundamental physics, ensuring that driving the bus feels realistic yet accessible. The unique graphic design further enhances the immersive experience, allowing players to truly feel the pressure of a bus driver’s responsibilities right on their mobile devices.

Special Feedback from Passengers

To maximize the player’s driving experience, Bus Simulator PRO has introduced a unique feature that focuses on passenger feedback. While in-game, players must not only overcome the challenges on the road but also cater to the needs and expectations of their virtual passengers.

If the journey is smooth and comfortable, the passengers will reward the player with high ratings, expressing their satisfaction with a five-star review. Conversely, if the player drives recklessly or causes discomfort to the passengers, they will receive negative reviews, which can significantly impact their reputation and future journeys.

Become Your Own Designer

The buses in Bus Simulator PRO are designed with the standard form of modern transportation, but the game offers players the opportunity to customize their vehicles to their liking. From replacing various parts, such as vinyl, rims, and platings, to painting the buses with unique designs, the game provides ample creative freedom.

Players can let their imagination run wild, creating buses that stand out from the crowd. Whether it’s a bus adorned with pink and Hello Kitty decorations or one featuring characters from Japanese anime culture, the game encourages players to express their individuality and make their buses truly their own.

Traveling Around the World on a Bus

In contrast to the limitations faced by real-life bus drivers, Bus Simulator PRO offers its players limitless freedom. The game’s expansive world allows players to travel and explore wherever they desire, not being confined to a specific city or route.

The game’s system generates tasks for players, such as picking up a certain number of passengers in a designated location. While these tasks may not provide the same level of rewards as high-demand rides, they serve as valuable practice opportunities, enabling players to continuously improve their driving skills and ultimately reap greater benefits in the future.

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