City Island 6: Building Life 2.3.0 MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

City Island 6: Building Life MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

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Released on
Dec 9, 2023
Apr 2, 2024
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Mod Info

1. Unlimited Cash*
2. Unlimited Gold*
3. Unlimited Chips*
4. Unlimited Keys*
*Never decrease, need enough first


City Island 6 MOD APK – Shape Your Ideal City. Step into the legacy of the popular City Island series, celebrated by over 25 million players worldwide.

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Experience a reimagined city building game with City Island 6: Building Life. As Mayor, guide your city’s growth across dynamic islands, exploring breathtaking cities full of life. Enjoy smooth mobile offline gameplay, cloud savings, and dynamic city-building transformations – from humble beginnings to dazzling skyscraper metropolises.


City Island 6 promises deeply immersive gameplay with endless fun to explore. Unlock new buildings, complete exciting quests, and reap many rewards to customize your thriving city. Collaborate with friends, strategize designs, and unleash your creativity in this charming tycoon simulation. Reinvented motivations include gathering resources, refining materials, decorating buildings, and exploring habitats. The passion for city building knows no bounds!


The treasures of City Island 6 are filled with richer bonuses. As your humble town grows into a metropolis, there will be plenty of rewards to energize you. Completing quests, collecting materials, constructing houses and commercial buildings will yield coins, gems and other valuable items. These allow you to improve architecture, beautify the cityscape, unlock locations, and expand to neighboring islands for more conquests. With bigger incentives, the excitement only increases.


An attractive and important aspect is the seamless online-offline connectivity. The game is available completely offline on mobile devices, no internet or WiFi required. Your progress is synced through cloud saves, so you can easily switch add-ons without losing your achievements. When you’re online, visit your friends’ cities to inspire ideas and collaborate. With more friends, visitation rights will expand for more interaction. Powerful connectivity lets you build together faster.


The variety of islands to build on adds endless intrigue. Vibrant beaches, grassy plains, desert mesas, snow-capped mountain peaks: each develops differently. Creating efficient traffic and zoning will create a new dynamic with adaptive architectures. Experiment until you create the perfect personalized city across countless landscapes. Venturing through new islands also unlocks additional buildings and resources. The variety makes the game unpredictable.


Basic gameplay is complemented by rich enhancements. Ratings and reviews continuously improve the gaming experience. Limited events and competitions add exclusivity with time-limited building challenges. Skill pit rankings compared to other mayors around the world. Above all, listening to fan feedback often leads to smarter innovations. These rich activities demonstrate a commitment to an ever-evolving and improving building game for everyone.

Assume the role of mayor in an ever-evolving town and embark on a global voyage to discover spectacular islands and vibrant cities that are truly one-of-a-kind and alive. With an array of enhanced features, City Island 6 takes your city-building experience to new heights across diverse terrains and themes. Enjoy seamless gameplay offline on your mobile phone, with cloud saving to ensure your progress is preserved across multiple devices.

As the mayor, you start with a small village, a blank slate with the potential to evolve into a lively, thriving metropolis. The game’s vast world boasts numerous unique islands, each with different landscapes and themes for you to discover and add to your island collection. The customization options in this game are unparalleled, featuring over 400 new buildings and 1000 variations, ensuring each game is a fresh and engaging experience. These buildings are essential, significantly influencing your island’s growth and economy, making every choice matter.
Your city’s inhabitants lead active lives, visiting friends and interacting with their surroundings, infusing your islands with a distinct character that mirrors your mayoral decisions. Running your city involves dynamic tasks like managing traffic, resources, and urban planning. You’re not just constructing buildings; you’re nurturing a living, dynamic city.

“City Island 6” also promotes player community. It enables collaboration, island visits, and mutual support among players, adding a communal dimension to the game and encouraging shared creativity.

Key Features:

▶All-encompassing building dynamics: collect, refine, adorn, and explore!
▶Treasure troves richer in rewards!
▶Play offline or connect online without a hitch!
▶Revel in enhanced city-building across myriad mesmerizing islands!
▶Craft, personalize, and admire other player’s thriving cities!
▶Your feedback helps us so much to improve; so rate and guide us to perfection!

What's new

⭐Added 25 level, upping the max level to 150
🏝️Added a new island
🏠Added new buildings
🐛Bug fixes and performance improvements



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