Coin Dozer: Casino 5.0 MOD APK (Unlimited Coins Drop)

Coin Dozer: Casino MOD APK (Unlimited Coins Drop)

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May 17, 2016
Apr 1, 2024
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Coin Dozer Mod APK is a game designed to simulate coin game machines that often appear in supermarkets. Players will be completely immersed in a fascinating game world with simple gameplay and eye-catching details.

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Coin Dozer will be one of the best games that can be brought to players. Play the ultimate entertainment. Have you ever watched or participated in a coin toss game with slot machines located right in supermarket entertainment areas? Now you will be able to fully appreciate the level of fun and excitement this game can bring right to your home using your device.


For many gamers around the world, this is a familiar game that they can easily find in shopping centers. This is a game that can reach a large number of different players, mainly thanks to its simple but very attractive gameplay. Only with familiar game operations can Coin Dozer bring players an extremely high sense of entertainment and relaxation.

When participating in the game, players will have the main task is to deposit coins into the gaming machine. Then the pieces you insert will push other pieces closer to the area where they can fall and score points for the player. But you will also have to be very careful in choosing where to drop your coins, because only one chest in front will give you points, while two chests on the side will make you lose coins.


In addition to addictive gameplay, the game also creates many different, interesting and challenging experiences for players. There are many different goals that Coin Dozer will also set requirements for you to achieve to receive attractive rewards. And you will also be able to continuously reach the next levels when you accumulate enough points for a certain level.

But the game not only gives you difficult parts, but you can also receive Get great help. The Shake feature was created with the ability to shake the game console vigorously so that the pieces can fall into the scoring box for your player. You can make the most of this feature when you can accumulate enough energy needed for an activity.


More than just creating challenges but the game also equips players with many surprises about the rewards they can receive. You can easily find fun goals in the form of gifts like colorful teddy bears appearing right on your desk. To be able to reap the big rewards, you’ll need to plan your game to get them into the scoring box.

In addition, players will also receive special rewards for randomly generated coins. Besides the familiar gold coins that the game equips, you will also find coins with special shapes or special colors that will appear in unexpected ways. With these special rewards, players can absolutely score a significant number of points when collecting them in their score box.


One of the extremely important features can be Graphics and sound that directly affect the player’s experience when playing the game, Coin Dozer’s graphics will easily impress players with many captured gold coins. The eyes lie next to each other in a familiar 2D form. In addition, the game interface will also be designed very reasonably to help players master their gaming operations to achieve the best results.

In addition, the sound produced by the game bring will also be a feature that can help you. Players have a better experience. The game will not add any background music to your gameplay as the creators believe that they can distract you from the gaming experience and will instead be filled with the sounds of puzzle pieces colliding will be recreated in an extremely realistic way that will give players a certain feeling. attraction.


  • The game is designed with a gameplay style similar to casino games, where players will receive exciting rewards.
  • The structure of the game will be the most realistic simulation of the gaming experience that supermarket coin machines bring.
  • The coins are arranged consecutively and the player’s task will be to make them push each other falls into the arranged score box.
  • Different types of rewards are also prepared for players to receive immediately after completing the mission.
  • Graphics and sound of the game The game is created in great detail with the most realistic coin drop game simulation.

What's new

Bug fixes and improvements
-Major bug fix for collectibles not being counted. Get your pool floaties and complete puzzles today!


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