Control Center for Samsung APK (Patched)

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Quickly access to useful apps, quick toggle settings, screen recording, take a screenshot...
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Released onMay 12, 2021
UpdatedDec 24, 2023
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Control Center for Samsung APK – Quickly access to useful apps, quick toggle settings, screen recording, take a screenshot.

Screenshot 2023 10 12 at 17 17 17 Control Center for Samsung Apps on Google Play

** Main features
• Quickly turn on/off settings like as Wi-fi, Hotspot, Bluetooth, Do Not Disturb, Location, Mobile Data…
• Easily to open useful apps like as Camera, Clock, Calculator, Notes… in Pop-up view or Full screen mode
• Conveniently control running music
• Screen recording with powerful options
• Take a screenshot of just a portion of the screen
• Adjust the sound and brightness easily

• Lock screen by one touch
• Many flashlight levels
• Pull down the notification bar by one hand
• Many Screen timeout options
• Navigation bar: Home, Back and Recent buttons
• Scan QR Code quickly
• Screen mirroring devices by Smart View

• Organize your settings, customize your panel
• Support Night mode
• One UI or iOS styles

** Notes:
• Long press item to bring up control’s setting. Ex) Long press Lock screen button to show the power dialog.
• Because of limitation of Edge Panel, so you can tap to adjust Volume/Brightness’s level.
• Lock screen feature:
– Android OS >= Android P(Android 9) Lock screen feature works fine.
– Android OS < Android P(Android 9), the device will ask for a pattern or password, without fingerprint or irises due to Google policy.
• Control Center doesn’t work on tablets and foldable devices (except Z Flip series), because Samsung doesn’t allow third-party apps to work on them.

** Supported devices:
• Works only on Samsung devices which have Edge Screen such as Galaxy Note, Galaxy S series, Galaxy A series, Galaxy Z Flip series…

** How to use:
• Setting app > Display > Edge panels > check Control Center panel
• When update a new version: Setting app > Display > Edge panels > uncheck Control Center panel, then check again.
• In case of any problems, please do 2nd step again (uncheck and check again).

** Permission
All permissions are displayed with detailed explanation when you click Controls in Edge Panels, and you can grant or deny the requested permissions. Some permissions are as follows:
• Accessibility permission: this permission is required for the app to perform some controls. To disable this permission , turn off Control Center in Settings app > Accessibility > Installed apps. How this permission is used to handle some controls, please refer to Android Developer website: And using this permission in the app:
– Lock Screen: lock the screen or open the power long-press dialog
– Screenshot: take a screenshot
– Home: go to the Home screen
– Recents: view recent apps
– Back: go back
– Notifications: open the notifications in Notification Bar
– Quick Setting Tiles: open the Quick Settings
– Lock automatically: Auto-lock the screen after a period of time
• android.permission.RECORD_AUDIO: allows Control Center to record audio, this permission is for Screen Recording control.
• android.permission.CAMERA: required to be able to access the camera device, this permission is for Scan QR Code, Flash Light controls.
• android.permission.READ_PHONE_STATE: allows read only access to phone state, this permission is for Wi-fi, Mobile Data controls.

** Contact us:
• Let us know your thoughts here: [email protected]

EdgePro team.

What's new

- Bug fix and improvements
- R2L support

- Support Italian language
- Bug fix and improvements

- Support accent color for Controls
- Support level modes for Volume/Brightness
- Bug fix

- Android 13 bug fixes
- Stability improvements

- Support German language
- Support alignment for controls list in Page layout
- Allow to share Partial Screenshot
- Fix minor bugs

- Support Chinese, Bengali languages


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