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Critical Counter : Team Shooter is an exciting fast-paced modern multiplayer FPS terrorist shooting game that can be played offline and multiplayer PVP Team Combat mode.
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DeveloperFIRE GAME
Released onJan 5, 2018
UpdatedMay 25, 2024
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Critical Counter: Team Shooter is an exciting fast-paced modern multiplayer FPS terrorist shooting game that can be played offline and multiplayer PVP Team Combat mode.

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Dive into the heart of modern warfare with Critical Counter: Team Shooter, an exhilarating fast-paced multiplayer first-person shooter (FPS) game that offers both offline and online PVP team combat modes. This dynamic game is designed to take your tactical skills to new heights, challenging you to prove your mettle against adversaries in a series of intense combat missions.

Experience the Ultimate FPS Action Game

Critical Counter: Team Shooter stands out as the ultimate FPS action game, providing an experience that surpasses your wildest expectations. Step into the boots of a super anti-terrorist operative tasked with combating all forms of terrorist threats. Your missions are not just tasks; they are battles that test your resolve and skill in the face of danger.

Get Ready for Battle – Weapons at the Ready

With a variety of thrilling guns at your disposal, including the iconic AK47, MP5, P90, M4A1, AWP, M249, AUG, and DEAGLE, you are equipped to face any challenge. Each weapon is meticulously designed to offer an authentic shooting experience, ensuring that every battle feels intense and rewarding.

Key Features of Critical Counter: Team Shooter

  • Expansive Arsenal: Choose from a wide range of fun and exciting guns, each with its unique characteristics and playstyle.
  • Realistic Environments: Engage in interactive and action-packed battles across a variety of realistic maps, enhancing the immersion.
  • Sophisticated Gear: Access a variety of advanced weapons and equipment to give yourself an edge in combat.
  • Thrilling 3D Design and Sound: Immerse yourself in a vividly designed 3D world with realistic sound effects that bring the battlefield to life.
  • Team vs Team Battle: Participate in thrilling team battles with up to 10 players in a PvP action-packed showdown.
  • Mission Action Modes: Take on diverse missions, defeating enemies and completing critical terrorist missions to advance.
  • Competitive Gameplay: Test your skills against other players in competitive game modes designed to challenge and excite.
  • Intuitive Controls: Enjoy smooth and simple gun shooting controls that make it easy to focus on the action.
  • Online and Offline Play: Compete against FPS shooters from around the world or play offline to hone your skills against AI opponents.
  • Best-in-Class Graphics: Experience the ultimate 3D PVP FPS gun game with stunning graphics that bring the action to life.

Join the Battle Today

In Critical Counter: Team Shooter, you are not just a player; you are a vital part of a strategic team fighting to restore peace to a city under siege. As an experienced anti-terrorist, your mission is clear: eliminate the terrorist threat. Utilize your skills, stay alert, and work with your team to overcome the enemy. The fate of the city is in your hands.

Download Critical Counter: Team Shooter now and step into the world of tactical FPS combat. Show your skills, lead your team to victory, and prove that you are a force to be reckoned with on the battlefield.

What's new

Added Battle Ground Mode;
Added multiple languages;
Optimized the game;


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