D4DJ Groovy Mix MOD APK (God Mode, Always Perfect)

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DeveloperBushiroad International Pte Ltd_
Released onMay 26, 2021
UpdatedMay 21, 2024
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Auto Dance with choosable % Perfect (Never Miss or Bad)

Note: Notes become invisible :S

Warning: There’s chances account can be banned. Use at your own risk.


D4DJ Groovy Mix Mod APK offers totally immersive music excitement times as you all be the one to ace the tunes. You may go with excellent female characters and offer assistance them overcome the restrain to assist you win focuses within the levels.


D4DJ Awesome Blend may be a rhythm game with a DJ subject where players will connect numerous female characters and complete songs in perfect way”>the most perfect way. With a variety of tunes, you’ll spend time to attain the most noteworthy score of each level. Moreover, the characters within the amusement all show up in gacha pennants where you may take time to summon and update their potential.

Gotten to be A DJ WHILE PLAYING Energizing SONGS

The DJ encounter in D4DJ Cool Blend gives players challenges as they will got to total the awesome melodies in this amusement. Each tune includes a certain number of notes merely will got to hit accurately, and of course, their number is changed and will change depending on the tune you select. So you may create your aptitudes and continuously pick up higher scores all through the level for noteworthy rewards.

When beginning the diversion, you’ll see two plates and between them could be a blue bar. You may see a few little purge cells comparing to the places where the notes can drop and drive you to coordinate them correctly so that they don’t go over this bar. At the same time, the two plates will moreover be able to be squeezed when a circle shows up. These variables are totally reasonable by the player, but the challenges will start to seem when beginning the diversion screen.

PLAY Noteworthy CHALLENGING Melodies

After you encounter a cadence diversion like D4DJ Groovy Blend, you may discover numerous tunes with different genres. Precisely, the amusement can be estimated to claim more than 130 distinctive tracks simply will spend time investigating. They all have a different scoring framework with a most extreme of SS merely will attempt to score as numerous focuses as conceivable. At the same time, the challenges they show are very assorted.

The two fundamental components simply will be recognizable with at the starting and can coordinate in their particular positions are the bar and the circle. Of course, there will be numerous other varieties merely will see. A line will interface a few components, and of course, you’ll ought to press this line to form it vanish until the remaining component is coordinated and the least connected elements’ number is two. Things don’t halt there after you moreover got to swipe within the course that a bar’s bolt focuses to.


Other than the fun and challenging amusement times, players will moreover be pulled in by the female characters that go with them in D4DJ Cool Blend. They all have shocking looks that anybody will be able to pull in,and of course, each character will have a diverse sum of stars. At the same time, you’ll be able moreover discover a gacha instrument to summon them to your group. In addition, their potential will progress and influence the number of points you get at each level.

The things you get through the levels are utilized to upgrade these characters. Each time you effectively constrain break them, the get to to the energized card art will be closer, and of course, the number of focuses they can bring in each level will too be higher.

The musical experience you find in the game is captivating because:

  • Songs of different genres will consume a large amount of players’ time and motivate them to achieve high scores in the game.
  • The gameplay you find is entirely accessible, but it will be difficult to master it because of many notes.
  • Many different types of notes will appear before your eyes that you have to match them, and the frequency with which they appear will make it difficult for you.
  • The female characters will be your companions in different performances and boost the score you get.
  • Character banners are waiting for you to shoot beautiful characters, and animated card art is waiting for you to touch.

What's new

・Large scale changes to UI layout
・Added feature to display Live2D during lives, profile or during matching
・Added new club item "Out Frame"
・Added feature to change members' outfits when selecting favorite members
・Added Jacket and Grid to song selection screen
・Updated Story screen for new chapters
・Adjustments to Raid Events for 3rd Anniversary
・Adjusted display on Tours, results, Club and Profile screen
・Miscellaneous bug fixes



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