Dark Sword MOD APK (Unlimited Mpney)

All I remember is that night... The dark dragon has closed the gate to the sun. And light vanished. All living creatures became dark... Only carrying what's left behind... the eternal pain.
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Released onMar 6, 2016
UpdatedOct 29, 2023
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Dark Sword (MOD, Unlimited Money) – help a ghostly knight to go on a long and dangerous trek. The game’s plot says that on a normal sunny day, the dragon stole the sun from humans, thus plunging the world into darkness. You act as a savior and the last hope of people. Return the stolen goods to the place and fight this evil itself. As you progress through the game you will be pumped by his main character, going through difficult bosses and earning valuable experience. The game is made of dark gray tones and with very realistic physics and special effects.

All I remember is that night… The dark dragon has closed the gate to the sun. And light vanished. All living creatures became dark… Only carrying what’s left behind… the eternal pain.

In the darkness that has lost light… True dark action begins.

▪ Defeat the Dark Dragon & Save the Light!
▪ Silhouette Action RPG
▪ Acquire Allies from Sanctuary of Light
▪ PvP, Raids, Dark Dungeon, and more!
▪ Over 150 Items & Skills, Massive Plays

You must overcome the eternal darkness and defeat the Dark Dragon.
May the light shine upon you!

*Access authorization to play the game (The game will not run if not authorized)
– Authorization required for device identification, to be used for real-time game and user support.
– Authorization is required for the installation of the game on external storage.

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