Dead Shell MOD APK (Unlimited Ammo, Health, Mega Menu)

9 10 "If you enjoy dark sci-fi themes and like a challenging RPG with some roguelike elements, then look no further than Dead Shell.” / Christine Chan,
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DeveloperHeroCraft Ltd.
Released onJul 19, 2016
UpdatedNov 14, 2023
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Mod Info

  • Unlimited Ammo
  • Unlimited Health
  • Unlimited Energy
  • Credits Don’t Decrease
  • Resurrection Cost 0
  • Intrusive ADS REMOVED

Tips: Enable Unlimited Ammo And Health Before entering Stage


Dead Shell Mod APK is an exciting video game where the world is scary and unpredictable, and it never gets boring. They need to stay alive and come up with the best way to fight for a long time.


Dead Shell is a new kind of game where you explore lots of different dungeons with alien themes. In addition, the game is not fast, but when the player fights the enemy it is very intense and there are many ways to do well. Although it may be hard and complicated, players enjoy exploring dungeons for fun and excitement.

This game has a special and exciting way of playing called RPG dungeon crawling.

Dead Shell is a game where you explore lots of dungeons and use turn-based strategy to beat challenges. At the same time, they have to gather everything they need, beat challenging parts, fight big enemies, and finish hard trips. How well people do in the game is different for each person. But the game is more fun because of the different things you can do in it.

Exciting fighting methods with many options.

In the game, you take turns to fight and make decisions. There are also some difficult parts to make it more fun and interesting. The dungeon has lots of paths going in different directions. The player can’t escape, and has to fight every enemy to have a chance of living. Each player’s turn is important in fighting because there are different systems or percentages that make the fight more intense and interesting.

Get more characters to make the team more interesting.

During a Dead Shell ride, you can bring four people with you and together complete quests while fighting every monster on the map. There are many different characters in the game, and by using them, you can come up with new ways to defeat different kinds of monsters. Players can get new characters and make them better at fighting or try out new combinations during their adventures.

Get new gear for the team.

The game has many different characters and their weapons are exciting and make the game more interesting. The coolest thing is how things can be either good or bad in their game, making players feel more excited because they never know what might happen. Gamers can create new weapons or enhance their current weapons so they can do better in battles that are coming up.

Check out special dungeons that are very hard.

Dead Shell will add new dungeons that can only be found for a short amount of time. These dungeons will be harder and have strange things in them. They add new enemies and surprises by making upgrades or adding new weapons that were not in the original game. The good news is that they have different ways of rewarding players for doing well, so players are always encouraged to take part in fun challenges and receive cool rewards.

Dead Shell is a game that combines dungeon crawling and turn-based strategy, giving players an exciting and intense adventure. Its features make every player’s turn important, which makes the game more enjoyable for everyone.


  • An intriguing roguelike dungeon crawler gameplay with endless potentials and percentages to make things randomly happen throughout players’ journeys.
  • Complex dungeon designs with unexpected monsters or battles to stimulate excitement or fear while putting their lives always at risk.
  • A hilarious turn-based strategy combat system applies various random or percentage skills to make every action or skill more decisive.
  • Multiple characters to unlock and upgrade for more potential combat performance while creating new ideas of skill combination.
  • Collect and utilize various weapons for distinct characters to maximize battle efficiency or unlock hidden factors that can bring negative and positive effects.

What's new

Greeting, Space Squad Commander!

In this update:
🛠 In the Reaping game event, the location for clearing is now indicated, the number of rewards and the frequency of their distribution have been increased.
🛠 The number of offers for upgrading mercenaries has been increased.
🛠 In game events you can now receive more rewards when using a random mercenary in locations.
🛠 Many other fixes and improvements.

More cool things to come!
Stay tuned and thanks for playing with us!



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