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Keep track of your tips as well as delivery addresses, customers, and much more. Made by a delivery driver and intended specifically for drivers who work traditional restaurant delivery jobs.
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July 17, 2020
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Delivery Tip Tracker Pro Keep track of your tips as well as delivery addresses, customers, and much more. Made by a delivery driver and intended specifically for drivers who work traditional restaurant delivery jobs.

If you like Delivery Tip Tracker Free, you’ll love the Pro version!

Pro-exclusive features:

• Comprehensive shift history. View orders, stats, and maps by day, week, month, year, or all-time.
• Customer history. View a customer’s previous orders, average tip amount, and more.
• Store customer notes and address notes.
• Choice of day or night theme. Also an option to automatically switch themes based on time of day.
• Export shift history data to a spreadsheet.
• Back up and restore shift history data.
• “Nearby orders” feature shows you how a given tip stacks up against others in that same area.
• Track your hours worked throughout each shift and see extra stats like earnings per hour and orders per hour.
• Track hourly wages earned throughout each shift.
• Track your odometer readings for each shift.
• Enter multiple store addresses and easily switch between them before starting a shift.

Standard features:

• Enter tips using voice or by a speedy touch interface.
• Retrieve delivery location and driving distance automatically by GPS or by manually entering the address.
• View useful delivery info like average tip, earnings per mile driven, orders per hour, the amount owed to store, and lots more.
• Use voice or touch to quickly start turn-by-turn navigation or call a customer.
• Quickly text customers with pre-defined messages (including price info)
• View your tips on a color-coded map.
• Plan your delivery route by viewing your dispatched orders on a map.
• Options to specify the tip payment method, order price, prepaid tip amounts, and more.
• Mileage tracker with several options to fit how your store pays mileage.
• Make earnings adjustments to account for miscellaneous earnings or expenditures.
• Prefill order details for all your dispatched orders.
• Tailor the app’s behavior to your preferences with numerous customization options.

This app does it all. In a hurry? Simply enter the tip amount and it’ll automatically find the delivery address, driving distance, and mileage amount. Want more functionality? Dig a bit deeper and you’ll find a rich set of features. Enter an address to get a turn-by-turn navigation. Enter a customer’s phone number and you can call them with the press of a button. Prefill order details when taking multiple orders at once. Use custom voice functionality for speedy user input. Store customer info, including phone numbers, names, notes, and previous orders. Track your hours worked and odometer readings for each shift.

Your data is presented in plenty of useful ways. Stats such as earnings per mile, orders per hour, and miles per order are at your disposal. Comprehensive order history allows you to inspect everything from individual orders to entire years’ worth of data. The “Tip map” feature shows where in your delivery area you got good tips and where you got bad ones. “Nearby orders” lets you quickly see how a given tip stacks up to others in that same area.

Clever innovations result in a superior user experience. Order data, such as GPS position, delivery address, and driving distance are all fetched in the background. Voice input intelligently distinguishes between tip amounts, addresses, and phone numbers, so you can do more without typing. Effortlessly juggle multiple orders at once by swiping up from the bottom to reveal inputs for each order.

What's new

• Added option for color-coding the prices on the main screen
• 'Order number' column added to main screen
• 'Undo last order' button added back to menu
• Various bug fixes and improvements


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