Demon Blade 2.550 MOD APK (Menu/Damage, God Mode)

Demon Blade – Japan Action RPG MOD APK (Menu/Damage, God Mode)

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Sep 4, 2019
Mar 13, 2024
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Mod Info

  • Damage multiplier
  • God mode
  • No attack CD


Demon Blade MOD APK is a fantasy RPG story, full of characters and encounters, fears and passions. Experience an amazing story on your own device. Take on the role of a samurai and upgrade your character and equipment.

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Demon Blade is a game in which players will explore the world of Japanese demons and face them in Difficult battles. You will use your katana and eliminate the enemies in front of you as you progress through different levels. At the same time, each level has its own challenges that require the player’s control skills and reflexes. You definitely won’t be able to ignore the appeal that the game world brings.


The story that Players will experience in Demon Blade revolving around yokai, demons of Japanese culture gradually appearing and plotting to invade Japan. As the moonlight dimmed, the boundary between the human world and the yokai world also became blurred. From there, they began to act more strongly and take their first steps. You will play as a Demon Hunter and face demons with your katana.

In this new version of the game, players will be able to find new challenges as the game introduces a place where you continue to face extremely powerful people. bosses. . Of course, to fight the game’s powerful bosses, the Demon Slayer’s forces will have the opportunity to receive a katana called Tenka Sanken. It has impressive active and passive skills, and you will be able to feel the special power of this legendary sword.


In Demon Blade, players will experience becoming a demon. Slayer, so facing strong enemies is essential. When entering the game, you will be impressed by the impressive graphics with mysterious colors that inspire players to explore. You will not need to use both hands to control the character because navigation and attacks are done by touching and swiping the screen. So, these are operations that any player can perform.

When starting a level in campaign mode, you will be given a map and given directions. necessary transfer. For example, if the next place is on the left, you can swipe the screen left. The character will automatically move there soon; Apply to the areas above, below or to the right. You won’t know what’s in front of you so always observe and act accurately.

Some levels will have items like wooden crates that you can cut and get more gold coins . But some are surprise attacks and you have to block them. Additionally, facing yokai is no longer rare so you will need to perform attacks to defeat them. If they attack, you will need to block and continue to launch powerful attacks when you have enough energy. You’ll discover the benefits of precise blocking and counterattacking against stronger enemies.


Similar to other RPG titles, players will find equipment mechanics in Demon Blade. The character will have basic equipment and they will continue to be replaced until the strongest equipment for the character is obtained. At the same time, each weapon has its own effect that you cannot ignore, and after receiving new weapons, do not forget to level them up. Indeed, becoming a strong warrior will be a long journey.


  • A wonderful RPG narrative, full of people and encounters, fears and desires, and a beautiful RPG world to explore. On your own device, you can experience a fantastic narrative.
  • Become a Samurai and level up your character and weapons as you travel through the game.
  • Action battle, unlike anything you’ve ever seen before on a mobile device, with no buttons on the screen! It’s like a Souls-style battle for cellphones.
  • You may compete against other players in an online ranking system.
  • With the Demons that you have in your Katana, you can do incredible feats.
  • Clan is a place where you may meet other gamers.
  • Raid the dungeon and slay the dungeon Boss by working together as a Clan.
  • There are several samurai armors to choose from, and you will see every armor available in the game. You will also find a number of legendary weapons and armors.
  • A coolish painting style based on Chinese ink that is used to recreate the feudal period of Japan.
  • A PVP system to determine who is the most powerful Samurai.

What's new


- Added Cursed Rift story ending


- Increased number of divines in the Raid shop
- Increased daily and weekly quest rewards
- Increased emeralds on Demonic Boss

Fixed up

- Kuzuryu passive fixed and now works with Fullcounter



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