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An awe-inspiring tower protection revels in as you revel in Dungeon Defense with a few new roles and difficult responsibilities. You will guard your place towards the enemies that seem earlier than your eyes, and they may regularly be very crowded.
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Released onNov 8, 2016
UpdatedJun 13, 2023
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An awe-inspiring tower protection revels in as you revel in Dungeon Defense with a few new roles and difficult responsibilities. You will guard your place towards the enemies that seem earlier than your eyes, and they may regularly be very crowded. But over time, your electricity will increase, and you may discover methods to make the maximum of the capability of the characters withinside the dungeon. At the identical time, many new demanding situations additionally progressively open up earlier than your eyes.

Dungeon Defense MOD APK


Players can have a new position in internal Dungeon Defense this is the supervisor of a dungeon. But this dungeon isn’t as secure as you observed whilst many invaders are seeking to get in and damage your dungeon. So you’ll rent specific effective monsters or entities to combat them and try and get a few loots after prevailing the degree. It may be stated that there could be many degrees that you have to pass.

The surroundings are designed in 2.5D, wherein your dungeon is on the left side, and the enemies will pass from the proper side. They will progressively pass towards your dungeon; they may now no longer input however try and assault the dungeon till it’s far absolutely destroyed. The monsters you rent will try and assault folks who need to return ahead and make certain the assaults on this sport are made automatically.


The intention of this sport is completely much too different from tower protection video games whilst the participant will try and limit the quantity of blood dropped to the bottom degree. But there may be some other issue and feature of this sport: as soon as destroyed, you’ll discover the dungeon’s blood will live identically from one degree to some other. So, earlier than beginning a brand new degree, recollect repairing your dungeon to be much less susceptible to surprises withinside the class.

For Dungeon Defense, gamers could be capable of getting entry to an exceedingly varied quantity of characters that they can rent, however, you’ll now no longer be capable of this at the beginning of the sport. There are many styles of monsters to pick from, however, the quantity you could rent is likewise proportional to the Expand talent withinside the shop. In different words, sometimes, at the start of the sport, you could simplest have characters that will help you get beyond the numerous enemies seeking to assault your dungeon.

It isn’t too difficult for gamers to improve their monsters’ electricity whilst there are numerous mechanisms for gamers to improve. Specifically, every degree in this sport offers you a positive quantity of revel in and assists you to degree up. After leveling up, you’ll get hold of the talent to use the monsters you rent. So use them cautiously and prioritize the detail that you’re feeling is crucial early sport.


In Dungeon Defense, gamers could be capable of accumulating an outstanding quantity of guns after every degree. Each degree can have at least five waves and feature many specific enemies, together with bosses. At the identical time, additionally, they create unique demanding situations to every degree however nevertheless convey many guns with various degrees to pick from. If you sense it isn’t suitable, you could promote all of them to have a positive quantity of gold and use that cash to shop for a few gadgets withinside the shop.

In the dungeon area, spend time optimizing elemental upgrades and hiring different monsters. As such, the most important element is still deploying, and elements such as deploying attack upgrades can also be reliable support elements. Elements allow us to optimize and overcome different game modes.


Dungeon Defense’s default game mode is Days to Get Over. In particular, each day corresponds to each level, with different waves to watch out for. At the same time, enemies increase in strength throughout the game, allowing you to get through different moments of excitement and satisfaction to achieve victory. Don’t forget to repair the dungeon, which is an important part of the game.

In addition to Days, you can also experience his two modes: Endless Wave and Tower Trial. In the first mode, you will face enemies that constantly appear in front of you and try to survive by surviving different waves. So you can think of this as a mode where you challenge yourself to make a certain wave. Also, in the Tower of Ordeals, you can experience the same level as Daze, but you need to pay attention to the boss’s skills.

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