Easy Speedometer Pro APK (Patched/Full)

Use this GNSS speedometer with altitude, location, and calculated distances, especially when you are not driving a car but going by bicycle, by train, by boat or even by airplane.
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UpdatedApr 24, 2021
Requirements4.4 and up
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Easy Speedometer Pro – Use this GPS speedometer with altitude, geo-location, bearing, and current time, especially when you are not driving a car but going by bicycle, train, boat, or even airplane. With “HUD” (head-up display) turned on you can put your device in front of the mirrored glass (of a vehicle) to read the reflected displays. You can quickly display the current geo-location without the need for an internet connection. Simple displays but many possible options.


* Speedometer (km/h, mph, km, m/s), digital and analog
* Analog meter with auto-range that adjusts to the speed, even at very high speeds
* Shows reached maximum speed and average speed
* Personal speed limit alarms (visual AND SOUND)
* HUD (“Head-Up-Display”) to reflect and read the display in a window
* Odometer (km, mi, nm, m), 2 counters for current trip and total distance
* Altitude above sea level (m, ft)
* Geo-location (GPS coordinates in degrees, minutes, and seconds)
* accuracy of GPS-signal
* local time
* Color change as a warning on poor GPS signal
* All components can be turned on separately
* large numbers, depending on the number of selected components
* different layouts (skins)
* receive and use collected values such as distance, max, and average speed from the basic version of this app (“Kwd Tacho”) – Make sure to have the latest update of both apps (version 1.81 or above).

Your device needs a GPS sensor to run this app.
An internet connection is NOT required.

If you are using Android 6.0 or higher you will be asked at app start for the location permission (and not on install). In case you are not asked you may have not allowed location access before. Then you have to go to the app settings of your device and enable the permission under the entry of “Easy Speedo Pro” again.

Have fun with this GPS tool!

What's new

Swipe down for a navigation bar.
Reset current trip route without a history or generating a new one.


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