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Looking for an action-packed space-shooter game with a mystery story?
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Released onJul 3, 2020
UpdatedOct 16, 2023
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(Unlimited Money)


Endurance: infection in space (2d space shooter) puts you on a specific train where the player loses his memory. Now you are ready to engage in space shooting war with the durability provided.

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Endurance: space infection (2d space shooter) is known as a combination of all the elements of a perfect shooting game. Worth mentioning is the existence of a game with a classic style mixed with a typical dark chest setting. Don’t stop there, if you are looking for a shooting game with RPG elements, what are you waiting for? Choose this game. It was created specifically for players with special interests like you.


Before setting foot in our battle, forget about Other similar shooting games; Here, a new wave is waiting for you. We are ready, how about you? First of all, the plot of this game also attracts millions of players along with the gameplay. The story is that you are a researcher bound by endurance and the player’s action location is a spaceship in a space universe.


However, an unfortunate event forced you and your teammates to endure killing each other to stay alive. The cause of this sad reality is that everyone on this train is infected. This strange thing has caused you to suffer severe memory loss. The player no longer remembers the original mission in which you appeared here; The people around you here are enemies or allies. This is what created terrible chaos on this ship.


The maze or dungeon is the nickname we gave Endurance. This is a maze because here from the top third looking down there are many nooks and crannies blocking different areas like a maze. That is both a disadvantage and an advantage for you to fight. In addition, it is a dark dungeon because your life will not be sacrificed if the player is not careful.


Facing this situation , Endurance players are tasked with survival, to stay alive as long as possible. In addition, you also shoulder another task: find out the beginning and end of the current infection story. What caused it in the first place and how it is getting worse. You and your allies can only regain your memory and save this ship from this shooting war with this choice.

However, staying alive must go through a special battle tension and fierceness in this journey. Your former colleagues have now become your uncompromising opponents and they are always waiting for an opportunity to prepare to deal with players, so be very careful. Can you survive the nightmare of tons of guns surrounding you?


Endurance gives you special help with huge weapons. More specifically, these are unique weapons and ammo in addition to your bulletproof and fireproof armor. It is an effective weapon that helps you destroy enemies that are attacking you from four directions. It doesn’t stop there, this story has a touch of science fiction perfectly integrated with horror and humor.

  • A tense gun battle on a spaceship unique with an old ally.
  • Players choose special characters and powerful weapons to officially enter battle.
  • The perfect combination of epic elements Weird, humorous and even science and fiction.
  • Survive as long as possible amid the hail of bullets around scary mazes and dungeons.
  • Embark on a journey to find out the cause causes strange amnesia to save himself and his teammates.

What's new

- fixed some bugs



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