Energy Ring – Universal Edition MOD APK (Premium Unlocked)

This is the original battery indicator around punch hole cameras, Energy Ring. Beware of dangerous fake Apps.
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Released onMar 18, 2020
UpdatedFeb 10, 2024
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Mod Info

– Paid features unlocked.
– Ring visibility on full screen option is added back
– Share tab removed


Energy Ring is a camera configuration tool that provides useful information about battery life. This application can be modified according to its function and purpose.

Energy Ring Universal Edition MOD APK

What is Energy Ring App?

Have you found an app that allows you to change the profile texture of your camera? If not, Energy Ring is a smart choice with an easy setup. Users are always overwhelmed by the special features gathered in this application to meet human needs. While many find it unglamorous, each feature represents a particular aspect of changing the device’s camera lens.


  • Users can choose the thickness of the energy ring type to match the structure of their device.
  • Change our color to renew our energy ring to add a new touch.
  • Can automatically change according to a certain time frame; choose the anti-clockwise or the right direction as you like.
  • Shows the amount of battery in the device, and if the color changes, it will show a different state of the battery.
  • Can appear or hide depending on each need you want or appear in a certain fixed time frame.


Users can quickly select the power ring to view the power level of the device. This application shows battery life and makes your device interesting. This energy ring is displayed directly on the camera and makes it stand out. In addition, it also creates unique highlights for your device.


This application shows the battery level of the device. Indicates whether the battery is at a safe level or a warning level. Depending on the case, the color representing the full capacity of the battery may also appear different.


Allows the user to see the color palette associated with the energy ring within the energy ring. Users can manually select the appropriate color to make the wallpaper stand out. Additionally, users can mix multiple colors and specify the type of each color depending on the type of texture.


Allows the user to manually change the rotation as desired. More specifically, he can choose one from many featured styles. You can choose either counter-clockwise or clockwise to make a difference in this application.

Freely Adjust Thickness

Users can also freely adjust the thickness, length, and thickness of the energy ring within the energy ring. Please select the most suitable one according to the purpose of use and the structure of the device. Choose from a variety of sizes or create your custom size.

What's new

1,000,000+ downloads for this original Energy Ring, thanks for the support, everyone! (Beware of copy cats, they may misuse the permissions.)

* You can now custom calibrate Energy Ring.
* New dynamic color config - applies system theme's accent color automatically.
* Improved Ad experience for free users.

* Energy Ring can act as Access Rings as well - glows up when Microphone/Camera/GPS is used by any App (required Access Dots App to be installed.)


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