Enter into Darkness: BBC Chapter 1 Ver. 0.3

*Updated Version*
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DeveloperNewshield Entertainment
UpdatedOctober 5, 2017
Requirements2.2 and up
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The first Adventure Mobile Game released from Newshield Entertainment / Games. Enter into Darkness first started as a Text Based Adventure title on Newgrounds.Com. It started as your average point and click “Choose Your Own Adventure” game with a lot of potential. Now, its made its way on the Mobile as the very First Mobile game ever released from the team.

In the Adventure you will have a mixture of game play and story telling thrown in with the original style of an earlier Atari game (but better!) and Yes, there is reading but, this time its by choice. This provides tons of backstory and information of the past leading up to the many events that will or, has taken place in the lands surrounding the adventure. Multiple enemies, Powers, Magical Items and destructive Boss Battles lie ahead to crush you repeatedly.

*** Important for Consumer***
The game wants you to succeed and on that note you have infinite continues in the game however, everything is in Real Time so you can Continue but, understand that the game never stops, EVER! Once the adventure starts you must finish it, this is how this version and this chapter of the game was designed.

Also, if you’ve downloaded this game from another site other than Google Play (and yes, we’ve checked around the web) Congradulations, you’ve most likely given yourself a virus. XD Enjoy the game and remember, if you like the content support me and my team. Thank you.

What's new

* Contents have been updated.
* "Continue Rest" function has been added to allow player to take a break after dying.
* 2 enemies have been replaced by updated enemies (newly programmed enemies).
* Items (Magic) do not need to be purchased from shops anymore, now they must be collected throughout the adventure.
* Joystick has been replaced with the "Thumb Tap D-Pad" for basic movement.



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