Facetune: AI Photo/Video Editor MOD APK (VIP, Premium Unlocked)
Start editing photos & videos with Facetune, the world’s premier photo editor powered by AI! Enhance your entire photo or frame at once using filters or one-tap photo editing, or express your unique vision with precision using manual editing to get the look and feel you want. Add personality into every post & selfie - show the world what makes you one of a kind!
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DeveloperLightricks Ltd.
Released onApr 21, 2018
UpdatedJul 17, 2024
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◉ All VIP Features (Unlocked)
◉ Watermark (disabled)
◉ Ads (disabled)
◉ All ads links (removed)
◉ APK size reduced (141 MB Only)
◉ Most of Analytics (disabled)
◉ CPUs (arm64-v8a, armeabi-v7a)
◉ Languages (Full Multi)
◉ Google Play’s billing (disabled)
◉ Screen DPIs (nodpi)
◉ All debug Info (removed)
◉ Original package Signature (Changed)quality

Note: The application works without problems


Facetune is an easy-to-use photo editor that helps you retouch your selfies and acts as your makeover studio. Get that natural beauty look in seconds and share it with your followers. The next-generation upgrade of the award-winning Facetune photo editor app provides a new collection of retouching filters and amazing image correction features. Get ready to win new followers and get more likes with your photos!

Facetune AI Photo Video Editor 1


Facetune2 is a versatile image editing application that allows you to manipulate many elements in your image. It helps you create a more perfect and colorful alternate version of the original. At the same time, you can freely adjust the beat frequency of the elements you use. This ensures the harmony of the image. Moreover, the application always has exciting features and is suitable for users’ discovery needs.



If you’re not confident in your beauty and are afraid to face the camera, don’t worry, Facetune2 will thoroughly solve your problem. This is an application that allows you to adjust photos with different characteristics and notice the difference after editing. At the same time, the functions are arranged from left to right for convenient use and easy exploration of the application’s features.

The first feature worth noting is the retouching function. The task of this feature is easy as you can customize and restore elements you don’t want on your face. At the same time, it can also lighten the skin to facilitate retouching functions later. Moreover, this feature perfectly complements the paint feature. Because you can paint a specific color anywhere, mostly on the skin to create harmony in the picture.

Once you’ve finished adjusting the color elements and blemishes, you can explore the facial proportions a bit. The two main functions it can handle are the Face function and the Reshape function. As for the face, you can find many parts of the face that can be scaled, and you will be given the option to choose the appropriate size for each part. should be chosen carefully.


Adjusting facial elements in Facetune2 can always be said to be a lot of time-consuming, as we have to pay attention to color harmony when acquiring or adding new elements. But this is not the complete step. It has to perform many other functions. The next function that needs to be performed is the need to adjust most of the general elements present in the image as well as various color elements such as brightness, color, sharpness, and grain.

It’s a nice feature to have in an image editing app, and it’s much easier to use just by changing the slider. It will change color immediately. Also, don’t forget to add different color filters in these editing elements. The filter function offers a wide range of colors to choose from and use. Of course, there are always sliders that allow you to adjust the color and frequency of these filters to suit your image content.


Adjusting an image in Facetune2 gives you a new photo that is completely different from the original version. Of course, the application has made the character of the photo more perfect, so share it on your favorite social networks. In addition to the factors mentioned above, there are many other exciting features that you can use to make your photo unique.


  • With great picture editing tools, you can retouch and airbrush your selfies, select from hundreds of free filters, blur your backdrop, and touch up your features.
  • Make yourself seem stylish by applying colorful, dazzling effects to each shot.
  • Compare before and after with this simple tool.
  • With professional-looking photographs, you’ll get flawless outcomes.
  • After you take a selfie, you may edit it in real time.
  • A large selection of high-quality beauty filters for creative editing and a sense of style.
  • Retouch your features, remodel your jawline, and expand your eyes using makeup brushes.
  • Re-adjust or edit your selfie using Reshape.
  • Crop, blur, and fine-tune your photographs for a stunning result.
  • Blur the picture backdrop quickly to create a flawless depth effect.
  • Enjoy incredible editing features such as vivid light effects.
  • In seconds, you may have that dazzling white smile.
  • In seconds, the pimples eliminating function will help you get rid of zits, acne, and blemishes, as well as address other skin defects.
  • Our sophisticated airbrush tools will erase pores, blemishes, and pimples with only a few touches.
  • In every shot, edit, retouch, and improve any aspect of your skin to make it seem naturally soft.
  • Remove the shine from greasy skin, create a tan impression or level out skin tone
  • To whiten your teeth, expand your eyes, slim your jawline, reshape your nose, or create immaculate eyebrows or eyelashes, use a collection of equipment. Smooth may be used to airbrush greasy skin for a gentler appearance.
  • Use Details to draw attention to the characteristics you appreciate. Make your eyes glitter by brightening them.
  • Play around with your appearance by changing the color of your hair.



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