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Facewow (Picaloop) is a video editing application with many features to speed up the editing process and help you create trendy products. You can also add lyrics and songs combined with stunning video effects.
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DeveloperMusic Video Studio
UpdatedNov 22, 2022
Requirements5.0 and up
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Facewow (Picaloop) is a video editing application with many features to speed up the editing process and help you create trendy products. You can also add lyrics and songs combined with stunning video effects.

Facewow MOD APK


Facewow (Picaloop) provides a video editor for all users to help create products from images without compromising quality. You can customize colors and use template effects to make your video completely attractive. At the same time, different styles of text and lively sound can give your video character.

Main Features

Easily create videos with full effects

A feature that users can find in her Picaloop is the absolute ease of creating videos with absolutely amazing effects. At the same time, the materials used to create the products are purely high-quality images that can be easily found on your device. So you will be amazed at the results you get after adding as many items as you want to this application.

Amazing amount of templates you can throw

One of the reasons why users can easily access Picaloop is a large number of templates. In particular, you can find a list of products corresponding to each template with different characteristics. Your job is to choose a suitable template for use with your application’s keywords. At the same time, you will also know how many images you should use in the template you use.

Add images to templates you already use

Once you’ve made the right choice with Picaloop, it’s up to you to grab the images your device contains and add them to your app. Only a limited amount can be added. So, carefully select the best images and in seconds you will see the finished product. The application also provides detailed photo editing features for each image if editing is required.

Change colors for dramatic effect

As mentioned earlier, the application offers an impressive set of templates and related editing features to help you reach other colors. With the Stroke feature and the list of filters you can use and many other features. to outline the main character in the photo. At the same time, the number of effects from other templates is also worth noting, as you will be surrounded by various lighting effects such as neon.

Make your product unique

At Picaloop, users can find more ways to make their products stand out. In particular, it’s easy to find the ability to add text, a feature that’s all too familiar and often pops up in editing applications. Over 20 different text styles can be added to emphasize the content of your video. At the same time, background music has a positive effect in that it draws the viewer into what they are seeing.

Easily export high-quality files

After editing the content of the video, the final step is to export the video and use it in your way. The images used in the video are used as-is without loss of quality. The video quality supported by the app is 720p.


  • The application owns many features and effects that users can add to the video and find the difference with their resources.
  • You will find a collection of pre-designed templates, and it’s your job to add the image you want to it.
  • The templates’ quality is diverse, and you can filter them through the keywords that the application provides for convenient search.
  • Filters, elements affecting colors, and effects of templates will vary and diversify your editing process.
  • Texts with diverse styles and background music will make the elements you add more attractive and meaningful.

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