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Welcome to Farming Sim Brasil, the farm simulator that immerses players in the experience of Brazilian agriculture.
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Released onMar 26, 2024
UpdatedApr 18, 2024
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Unlimited Money


Welcome to Farming Sim Brasil, the farm simulator that immerses players in the experience of Brazilian agriculture. On this exciting journey, you will have a variety of authentic machinery at your disposal, providing an immersion in the management of a realistic farm.

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Farming Sim Brasil also provides players with a lot of tools. If you want to spend some time relaxing at a peaceful farm where you only have to worry about the animals and the fields. Overall it will be a real place of healing. In general, working as a nanny will be much more difficult than working in an office. But especially if you can do agriculture, your mind will be less stressed. Manual labor will help you get stronger and not have to think too much. Besides, it’s just a game; Relaxing and de-stressing is wonderful.

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Agriculture is not the same everywhere, this is especially important. Players will play a game whose objective is agriculture in Brazil. Simply put, everywhere there are products they love and use a lot. Therefore, farmers need to focus on producing these products. And of course it will also produce a few items to make farming easier. Through that, players can learn more about the culture and people of this country. In addition, in Brazil, people raise livestock in many different ways and based on that, there are also unique ways of handling objects.

  • Wide selection of machines: more than 50 machines and Brazilian agricultural vehicles are authentically recreated in exquisite detail.
  • Iconic Crops: Grow and harvest iconic Brazilian crops such as coffee, sugarcane and soybeans, this is quite important.
  • Livestock management: Taking care of basic livestock such as cattle, chickens and pigs in several Brazilian crop settings, or so they think.


Even though this is a farming game, it uses first-person gameplay. This turns the game into a role-playing game, thereby enhancing the player’s personal experience. This is not a game that requires a lot of farm management. Players will feel like they are immersed in these huge manual jobs. Everything on the farm needs your hands. It really gives you the feeling of being a real farmer. Additionally, daily quests will arrive regularly, allowing players to work non-stop. If you don’t put in the effort, you can get big rewards, contrary to popular belief.

  • First-person perspective: Experience farm life through a first-person camera perspective.
  • Closed interaction: Perform tasks such as operating machinery and interacting closely with animals.
  • Daily activities: Completely immersed in the daily activities of a farmer people in Brazil.


  • Wide Variety of Machines: From powerful tractors to state-of-the-art harvesters, each machine is faithful to its real-life counterpart, providing an authentic Brazilian farming experience.
  • First-Person Immersion: The first-person camera offers a unique perspective, allowing players to experience farm life in a more immersive way, immersing themselves in daily activities.
  • Country Life: In addition to conventional agricultural tasks, players can explore the map on horseback and harvest grain to sell and prosper.
  • Strategic Management: Take control of your farm buy, sell to optimize your production and face agricultural challenges.
  • Embark on this exciting journey where you will be challenged to grow, harvest and manage your own Brazilian farm.
  • Create your dream farm and become a successful farmer. Download now and dive into the richness of Brazilian agriculture!

What's new

- New Tractor
- Prize Roulette System
- Bug fixes


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