FarmVille 2: Tropic Escape MOD APK (Free Shopping)

Escape to an island getaway filled with adventure, mystery, and fun new mini games in this colorful free-to-play game from the makers of FarmVille!
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UpdatedMay 17, 2024
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  • Free expansion of warehouses;
  • Free purchase of missing items.


FarmVille 2: Tropic Escape MOD APK is an offline City Building Simulation game from Zynga. It’s a sequel to the biggest hit Farmville Country escape. This time it’s a tropic escape it has got some nice animations, and new items to build your city. most of all it’s all about ISLANDS. in the previous game, we were farmers. use our MOD APK of Farmville Tropic Escape and you will get unlimited money gold coins and gems easily so you can build further.

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If you’re passionate about farming and animal husbandry, FarmVille 2: Tropic Escape Mod APK is a game you cannot overlook. While many popular farming games exist, this one brings a unique twist by placing you on a beautiful tropical island. Here, you’ll start your journey as a farmer and develop your island into a thriving paradise.

Start Your Journey on Paradise Island

FarmVille 2: Tropic Escape transports you to a lush island paradise teeming with fresh air and vibrant wildlife. Here, you will find various animals and green plants that provide the perfect setting to start your farming journey. As a farmer, you’ll quickly become the proud owner of a sprawling farm on this island.

However, managing your farm goes beyond just planting and harvesting. It’s crucial to organize and redecorate the farm to maintain its style and appeal. Planning your cultivation and development is key to ensuring the farm remains attractive to visitors. Replant trees to harvest more produce, raise animals for dairy and meat products, and craft special drink recipes to entertain your guests.

Unveil the Island’s Hidden Secrets

Beyond its serene beauty, the island is also a hub of mysteries waiting to be explored. The game offers intriguing stories about the island, each filled with secrets that will pique your curiosity from the first levels. Take on your mission to uncover these mysteries by exploring fascinating places like effervescent volcanoes and ancient monkey temples.

Moreover, treasure hunting is a central aspect of the game. Explore the island and hunt for hidden treasures scattered across various locations. Finding them will not only satisfy your curiosity but also boost your farm development.

Serve Guests and Boost Your Income

While farming and animal husbandry are integral to FarmVille 2: Tropic Escape, the game also encourages you to leverage the island’s natural beauty for tourism. Use the island’s poetic scenery to your advantage by decorating it and making it a more appealing destination for tourists.

The game provides numerous tourist spots for you to develop and manage. Once the tourist centers are operational, guests will flock to the island. Your job is to ensure they have a pleasant stay by building facilities like inns, Tiki Bars, Sushi Stands, and artisan workshops. Additionally, you can hire guides to simplify your work and enhance the guest experience.

Build a Wildlife Center

The island is home to a variety of wildlife, which can attract many visitors. To both protect the animals and ensure guest safety, consider building a wildlife center where animals can rest and eat. You can also collect rare animals to captivate visitors and boost tourism.

Clean and prepare the wildlife center so guests can interact with and photograph the animals. The more appealing your wildlife center is, the more visitors it will attract, increasing your income.

Key Features of FarmVille 2: Tropic Escape Mod APK:

  1. Island Paradise Setting: Immerse yourself in a tropical world with vibrant wildlife and lush landscapes.
  2. Farming and Animal Husbandry: Cultivate crops and raise animals to create a thriving farm.
  3. Tourism Development: Build tourist attractions like inns, Tiki Bars, and Sushi Stands to entertain guests.
  4. Mystery and Adventure: Explore the island’s mysteries, from volcanoes to ancient temples, and hunt for hidden treasures.
  5. Wildlife Center Management: Build and manage a wildlife center to protect animals and attract tourists.

Final Thought

FarmVille 2: Tropic Escape Mod APK offers a unique blend of farming, tourism, and adventure in a picturesque tropical setting. Whether you’re uncovering the island’s mysteries or crafting new recipes to entertain guests, this game provides endless opportunities to explore, build, and grow your very own island paradise. Dive in and start your journey as a tropical farmer today!

What's new

* Wedding Fever has landed on the island, coupled with an extra special wedding-trek for the groom! Explore the island with Mike and Anna on their wedding day and win amazing rewards, new guides and decorations along the way!



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